On Jan. 26, 2024, Maclay’s varsity girls weightlifting team competed in the FHSAA district final meet. Out of the 30 girls on the regular team, only 15 advanced to the postseason. The Marauders finished second overall, with every lifter placing in at least the top three.

Girls weightlifting districts consist of three lifts: snatch, bench and clean and jerk. The meet is also split into two divisions: olympic, which consists of the total of snatch and clean and jerk, and traditional, which is the total of clean and jerk and bench. Every lifter competed in both the olympic and traditional divisions.

The meet opened with the snatch lift. Everyone took half-an-hour to warm up, and then stayed focused to perform their best. Although being considered the most difficult lift, the Marauders did not disappoint. Junior Elizabeth Dowdy set the bar high for her competition, finishing at a snatch of 140 lbs, and an olympic total of 325 lbs. Senior Victoria Gainey also opened with an impressive snatch, with a snatch total of 115 lbs and an olympic total of 270 lbs.

“I feel good about how I did at the meet,” Gainey said. “It was a good start to the postseason for me and the team.”

After snatch and clean and jerk were completed, the pause bench was up next. Dowdy continues to dominate her competition, having a final bench at 155 lbs. Senior Kaitlyn Guyer benched 145 lbs and finished with a traditional total of 290 lbs.

“Districts was my second meet back from a hip injury so I wasn’t sure how it would go,” Guyer said. “I hit most of my numbers and went to a couple PR’s. I was very happy with those results.”

After every lift was complete, the awards ceremony started. Freshman Katie Nation and Gainey both finished second in both olympic and traditional. Junior Kate Reichelderfer placed first in both olympic and traditional, and sophomore Josey Becker finished third in both. Senior Molly Lamb finished third in olympic, and junior Belyola Feijoo finished third in traditional. Guyer placed third in both olympic and traditional, and Dowdy won both of her events. Senior Sophia Krizner placed third in both olympic and traditional. Senior Brooke Nohle won olympic and placed third in traditional, and sophomore Palmer Webb placed third in olympic.

Every lifter proved themself to be a threat for regionals, which is what they will be working towards this upcoming weekend. The battle will only get tougher as they fight for their spot at the state meet in late February.