As the sky got dark and the temperature began to drop, senior night began for the Maclay girls varsity soccer team on Tuesday. The Marauders played against the Marianna Bulldogs in their last regular season home game. Many fans filled the stands holding fat heads of the seniors and bundled up in blankets. 

For senior night, every senior was a starting player in this game. Senior Brooke Nohle began the kick off and passed it to one of her fellow teammates. Seniors Mary Clayton Soto and Lawre Bradley May defended the Bulldogs from getting the ball down the field. Soto and May both kept the ball in control and kept their feet moving. As the ball got closer to the Maclay endzone, goalie Camille Lillie saved the shot. Both teams took free kicks due to the fouls. Right before the 20 minute water break, May scored the first goal of the night for the Marauders.

“It’s really cold when we start warming up,” May said. “Once we are warm and as long as we keep moving, we stay pretty warm.”

After the ladies entered back on the field after the water break, the Maclay offense started scoring left and right. May had a corner kick and the Marauders scored once again. Freshman Maggie Bragg scored another point for the Marauders. The Bulldog defense had no chance  of stopping the Lady Marauders from scoring. 

At half time the score was 1-0 and the Lady Marauders were in the lead. The cold weather did not stop them from scoring. 

“I thought we played great because we had an amazing student section and so many supporters,” senior Olivia Bishop said. “It really got everyone excited.”

As the night went on, the temperature kept dropping, but the Marauders score kept going up. Junior Gray Burleson shot a long ball in the air scoring another point for the Marauders. 

Freshman Macy Cureton scored the last goal of the night for the Marauders, and the Marauders mercy ruled the Bulldogs, leaving the game with twelve minutes to spare and a final score of 8-0.