The Marauders secured the district semifinal win against Taylor County on Monday, Jan. 29. The girls soccer team winned a close match 2-1 against the Taylor County Bulldogs. The Bulldogs outscored their opponents 67-1 in their last 12 regular season games with the one goal and loss being to Maclay. Taylor County entered the game looking for revenge and a district title, but Maclay squashed their glimmer of hope, ending the Bulldogs’ season.

The Lady Marauders came out hot. In the second minute of the game, freshman Maggie Bragg scored to put the Marauders in the lead. Both teams played competitive defensively throughout the rest of the first half, but Maclay went into halftime with a 1-0 lead.

“We had a lot of energy and we’re very pumped,” senior Olivia Bishop said. “I know the whole team really wanted a win and so we kept up our energy going into the half.”

Much like the first half, the Marauders and Bulldogs defense kept them both in the game. Just as Maclay thought they had secured the win, Taylor County scored with two minutes left in the game, causing their players and fans to erupt in celebration. Taylor County now had all the momentum, but the Marauders continued giving their all out effort until the final whistle blew.

“After their last goal, we all had a strong sense of urgency and got the play started again,” senior captain Lawre Bradley May said. “We played quickly and were able to make something out of it.”

With one minute left in the match, Maclay started to form an attack, and eighth-grader Mallory Van Leuven finished off the late attack with a goal. A couple seconds after Van Leuven scored, the final buzzer went off, advancing the Marauders to the district final game after a 2-1 victory.

The Marauders have had success against most teams they have played this year, but one team they have struggled against is the team standing in their way of a district title, Florida High. Maclay looks to learn from their mistakes in the last two matches against the Seminoles and create an effective game plan so that they are well prepared.

“For the Florida High game, we will work on our defense,” May said. “We will be switching formations, which should help with our defending.”

The Lady Marauders will play the district title on Thursday, Feb. 1. Maclay is seeking revenge after their loss to the Seminoles in the district title game last year.