In the midst of the fall season and the approaching winter season, the changing weather calls for a change in wardrobe. Many Maclay students find themselves forced to transform their summer wardrobe into their fall and winter attire as well. The truth is, adding a puffer coat to your floral summer printed dresses does not fit in the fall and winter atmosphere. In order to resolve this clothing conundrum, this list describes the best fall fashion trends that will inspire fall and winter attire.

  1. Dark Colored Clothing: Although it might not seem like much, the color scheme of clothing holds the greatest significance in making a summery outfit fit into fall. Even with a pink summer dress, when it is paired with the right sweaters and accessories, it can be made to look fall. Basic colors like black, white, tan, and navy are always go-to options for fall colors. The muted earth tones work well each year for fall attire and are never out of place. Even a patterned dress with dark colors works to be a fall outfit. Along with the versatile basics, dark colors also include greens, blues, and purples that are more muted. As many people who say navy and black should never touch, mixing the two colors has gained popularity this fall and can be acceptable if done right. This year specifically, a classic red look is popular for fall and winter. The colors of the clothing matter, and should change each season. 
  2. Boots: Adding boots to your outfit almost immediately gives fall vibes. This year, ugg boots are on the rise and the ugg ultra minis are the most comfortable and cute option to bring your outfit into the fall aesthetic. Particularly with dresses, adding booties can elevate the outfit and make it look much more fall than a basic sneaker would. For example, a light blue summer dress can be made to look fall by adding cream or brown booties. Even throw on a pair of cream tights and the outfit immediately looks like it belongs on a fall pinterest board. Boots give a New York style sense to an outfit and are perfect for staying on trend. 
  3. Layering: Layering clothes is a great way to turn an outfit into fall. Taking a simple basic outfit and adding extra layers can give a fall aesthetic. Layering clothing adds a certain depth and texture to an outfit and makes it fit into fall. Even a simple outfit like a t- shirt and jeans can look more fall with the inclusion of cozy sweaters and puffer jackets. Even throwing on an open cardigan with a dress can make a once summery outfit look more fall. The mixing of different fabrics that inevitably happens when you layer clothing enhances the look and turns a basic outfit into something better. Adding different fall patterns and fun textures to outfits contributes to the fall aesthetic of the outfit. 
  4. Elevated basics: During the fall season, elevated basics are the best because they provide a timeless foundation that will never go out of style. Incorporating basics into your wardrobe creates a versatile and budget friendly way to create chic fall looks. These basics can easily be mixed and matched to create new looks that radiate fall. Styling these basics with seasonal accessories like jackets, scarves, boots and even bows can create a stylish and effortless look. Creating a chic and polished look can be easily created using basic pieces and these looks will keep you warm and cozy during the fall season. 
  5. Leather: One extra way to spice up your fall wardrobe is investing in a nice leather piece. Leather is durable and warm which pairs very well with the cooler weather that comes with fall. Using leather skirts, dresses, rompers, and pants all contribute to a fall look. It has a rich and textured appearance that pairs very well with the dark colored aesthetic of fall. The material’s warm layer is perfect for cooler fall temperatures and adds an autumnal touch. Wearing leather is timeless and will be in style forever.


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