On Monday Aug. 21, an Auburn admissions adviser came to Maclay to talk to juniors and seniors about the college. During the visit many students came to the library for a 30 minute interest meeting talking about the campus, community and the college expectation. Many students, including senior Will O’conner, were interested in the program and expressed heavy interest in going to Auburn. 

 “[I’ve always wanted to go to Auburn] since I was about six years old,” O’conner said. “I went to my first Auburn football game with my stepdad who went there.”

The Auburn visit that Maclay offers to the juniors and seniors is very helpful and educational to people who have that college as a top pick. As well as talking to the students about their visit Haylee Dorrill, the admission adviser, also talked about her personal love for the school and why students from Maclay thrive there. 

Maclay prepares their students to excel in the classroom. By doing this Maclay makes sure that the performance of the students creates opportunities for them in college. Prioritizing the well being of students and their academic achievements.  In the first few minutes of the interview Mrs. Dorrill talks about the application and that the average score for the SAT and ACT is to get into Auburn. The middle point is roughly around 27-31 for the ACT and 1240-1370 for the ACT. Due to Auburn being a test optional school, the college requires students to have a minimum of a 3.6 weighted GPA to apply for the test optional route. Showing students that getting into Auburn has become more rigorous than in past years.  

“[The college visit influenced my decision and made] me realize that I need to work hard in order to get into it,” junior Pearce Witters said.

Since Maclay is a college preparation school, they want the best preparation for their students. Although Maclay has other college meetings, in the Auburn one Haylee Dorrill focuses on similarities between Maclay and Auburn. With Auburn being a small town and a lot of the classes are about thirty students each makes it feel like a community. Maclay upholds the reputation of making campus also feel like a community. Moreover, Dorrill’s good friend graduated from Maclay and went to Auburn, showing how successful the transition from Maclay to Auburn can be. 

“A very dear friend who actually did come straight from Maclay to Auburn and really thrived here,” Dorrill said.

Maclay being a school for preparation to college, these meetings give students an insight on what college they want to go to. Maclay holds multiple college meetings to talk to students about the school and requirements, giving the student a sense of what the college will be like. Maclay provides resources to allow students to find a college that the students will excel in.