After season one of The Summer I Turned Pretty came out last summer, fans have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the second season this summer. On Friday, July 14, the first three episodes of season two of The Summer I Turned Pretty launched, leaving fans thrilled with the comeback of the show and excited to relive the moments of their favorite characters and plot. After the success of season one, fans have been dying to watch the continuation of the infamous love triangle and the progression of the beloved Susannah’s illness. The first few episodes prove to be an emotional rollercoaster but still remain to be slightly cringy and lighthearted. With new episodes continuing to come out weekly, fans remain drawn in by this refreshing series. This laughable show is the perfect guilty pleasure that combines aspects of friendship, family, love and real life angst. 

Starting off strong, the first episode dives right into the drama. Episode one provides a recap of everything that happened between each summer and follows the progression of the love story between Belly and Conrad. The plot of season two does not fail to keep viewers on their toes with constant cliffhangers, nasty fights and sweet love scenes. 

Between the loss of Susannah, Belly losing both boys and Steven’s graduation, the season jumps right into a constant changing of emotions. The many flashbacks into Belly’s memory are a sweet addition to the series that allows viewers to feel even more connected to the characters. 

Beginning with the loss of Susannah, everyone is grieving; however, conditions progressively worsen when Conrad finds out that his heartless Aunt Julia plans on selling their beloved Cousins Beach house. Conrad’s plan of action to save the house inevitably draws everyone back together after a year of struggling relationships and grieving.

 The new season includes a new character, Skye, Aunt Julia’s non-binary daughter who is almost just as coldhearted as her. Skye and their mother add an extra ounce of drama that makes viewers on the edge of their seats waiting for each episode. Despite the gang’s mutual hate for Skye, Belly invites them to join the group on their epic boardwalk battle. The boardwalk battle brings everyone closer, even Skye, something especially needed after a year of separation and ruined relationships. Particularly in episode four, the plot highlights friendship, and the tensions of the past begin to melt away with the distraction of fun and problem solving. These scenes with the group of kids having fun add to the lightheartedness and authenticity of the plot.

 Although the plot of both seasons is essentially centered around Belly and which brother she chooses to fall in love with, season two is full of drama between friends, lovers and family members that keeps viewers excited to find out what happens next. 

Building off from season one, the character development in season two is substantial. Undeniably, the main characters, particularly Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah,  grow and change throughout the season. However, it is even more admirable how the show begins to complicate the stories of some of the more minor characters. The show illuminates Steven’s character development as his thoughts and feelings are portrayed, along with Laurel’s bravery to push herself out of her comfort zone and show emotion. 

Additionally, Taylor gets a boyfriend and invests in her relationship, something she was once afraid of. The characters cope with the loss of their beloved Susannah, each in their own way. There are lots of  tears, heartbreak and friendship support as the characters try to help each other get through this tough time. With the support of family, the characters begin to find themselves and grow. The inclusion of Skye to the show’s set of characters is one of the disappointing aspects of the show as they annoy viewers to no end with their cheeky and passive aggressive comments that add nothing entertaining or enjoyable to the show. Their character is at first depicted as coldhearted and awkward, overall not a very agreeable character.

 As the season progresses, Skye’s character development leads to an even more disagreeable and awkward character portrayed by their lame attempt at fitting in with the friend group. Belly and the others do their best to include Skye, but their awkwardness makes it extremely difficult for them to connect with them. Season two proves to have great character development, with the exception of Skye, and viewers enjoy watching the characters grow and flourish in themselves and their relationships. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a show filled with love and loss, but it particularly highlights Belly’s love story. Season two continues the eagerness and angst that Belly feels as the love triangle progresses. The debate between Conrad and Jeremiah is back and better than ever. Episodes are full of endless memories of Belly and Conrad’s epic love story, each adorned with sweet and romantic music by Taylor Swift. Jeremiah fans are thrilled to see Belly and Jere mend their relationship and progress through the season with bits of flirty banter that viewers crave. The show reminds viewers of the excitement of first loves, new relationships and endless flirty banter. Not only is Belly’s life full of love, but relationships spark and love fills the air. The flirty banter between Taylor and Steven reminds viewers of the fun and excitement that comes with young love and the rekindling relationship between Laurel and Cleveland provides an authentic depiction of the struggles in divorce and loss. Between all the love and romance, the show conveys the carefree mindset of young adults living a fun, mindless summer. 

So far, fans are loving season two and enjoying the love triangle between Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah. Eagerly waiting for new episodes each week, this summery show is the perfect lighthearted and refreshing series with an enjoyable plotline. This romance-filled show allows older viewers to reminisce on their memories of young love and helps younger viewers to relate to the characters. Fans also enjoy witnessing the constant flirty banter between Taylor and Steven, rekindled from last summer. With the progression of the season, viewers are looking forward to finding out which Fisher boy Belly chooses and watching the relationships develop. 

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