Thousands of people swarm into the various stadiums for Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. Since this is her first tour in five years, fans are excited. She is in the middle of her tour,currently touring the Midwest region. She is performing songs from her hit album “Renaissance”, along with songs from various other albums.

Along with her hit songs, Beyonce also had some amazing outfits on this tour. She made sure she stood out with her flashy and crazy looks for these performances . She made sure her outfits matched the style and vibe of whatever song she was performing and left fans in awe. Another aspect of her outfits that stood out was for the song “Summer Renaissance” which featured her riding on top of a giant silver horse. This shows Beyonce’s love for her hometown Houston, Texas. Her outfits included a wide range, going from an all-camo look to a full metallic  dress and coat. Overall, Beyonce’s outfits really excelled on this tour.

Additionally, the song choices that she chose to perform on this tour were amazing. She sang several songs from her most recent album, “Renaissance.” But she also decided to include some of her biggest hits, a few being “Dangerously in Love” and “Who Run the World (Girls).”Her performance lasted for around three hours, showing her love for her fans. Since Beyonce brings back some of her old hits in concert, it gives her older fans a chance to hear these songs once again in person.

Her overall performance was also amazing and she made sure to voice her love for her fans. She even brought her young daughter, Blue Ivy, and let her dance on stage to the songs. Because she was gone for so long, Beyonce did her best to make this tour as unforgettable as possible through special effects and more. Beyonce while performing “Cozy” used two robot arms and were used to scan Beyonce’s cape with a light that created a beautiful stained glass print to appear. She used these effects to transition into different songs and entertain her audience, which made for a phenomenal tour. 

Beyonce’s “Renaissance” tour has been a huge hit so far and she continues to tour today. Due to her amazing costumes, music and performance skills she is able to create an unforgettable concert that anybody could enjoy. 

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