The highly beloved social media platform, Snapchat has caught the eyes of many teenagers today, and uses this app to communicate with others, over any other platform. That is why when Snapchat announced that its new subscription, Snapchat Plus, would be available to all users for $3.99 a month, the platform rapidly expanded. Snapchat Plus was first launched in June 2022, and since then, many users have enjoyed the new addition and all the features that come along with it. Still, Snapchat Plus has experienced some controversy. Despite the backlash, the new extension can be beneficial to many users. For those who may be on edge, consider every aspect before shutting the app out completely because Snapchat Plus has lots of exclusive perks. 

The luxury of having Snapchat Plus is that you get to mess around with and explore all of its features that users would not get if they were not subscribed. Snapchat Plus has several different features that allow subscribers to get more engaged and overall excited with the app in general. Some of these added on elements include pinning someone as your number one friend, seeing who rewatches your stories, customizing the app icon and wallpapers, showing if you are on someone else’s best friends list, keeping track of a friend’s snap score increase and many more. These special features are what make Snapchat Plus so great and even with the additional fee, this premium version is still worth it. 

Another benefit that Snapchat Plus endures is how flexible and easy it is to navigate. The subscription process is fairly easy and once finished, the app guides you through the new features that you now have access to and tells you everything you need to know. Additionally, Snapchat Plus allows users to pick and choose which features they want, and if they decide that a few features are not so pleasant or admirable, users are usually allowed to select an off button. Snapchat Plus lets its subscribers use what they find beneficial to them and does not confine them to every component. Furthermore, if you no longer want the extravagance and positive benefits that come with Snapchat Plus, you can easily cancel the subscription in just three steps, making this platform user-friendly to anyone. 

While many users love Snapchat Plus and all it has to offer, other teenagers and even parents might be hesitant to download the almost four-dollar per month extension, as it may expose users to potential dangers. Although Snapchat itself is a social media platform, Snapchat Plus is not an official app and does not have the same safety measures that a normal app would undergo, meaning whoever does download Snapchat Plus could be at risk for any viruses to take place. Because of the lack of safety measures, Snapchat Plus could also violate one’s privacy, as it cannot guarantee user safety. Although these hazards could be enough to convince users to not download Snapchat Plus, this extension has more positives than negatives. Most, if not all, apps present a security risk and Snapchat Plus is no different as it holds the same policies as every other app. Thus, keeping the user accountable and responsible should cause them to have no problems with Snapchat Plus.

The pleasant and amusing subscription, Snapchat Plus, has been shown to have a positive effect on users, granting teenagers to interact with the app more and use all the features that serve as a benefit to all. With its friendly appearance, anyone can enjoy the extension and by paying the monthly expense, it allows users to better embrace themselves and have more fun on the app.