Every year the Class of 2023 would attend an award ceremony in Cartee Gym, but this time it would be their last. The day before graduation, May 18, would be a day to celebrate all the achievements made by the soon-graduating class of 2023.

Awards would be presented for academic achievements as well as achievements that students have made off campus.

At the ceremony, Matthew Cave, Co-Director of College Counseling, presented two seniors with the title Valedictorian and Salutatorian. In the fall, senior Teresa Morgado, the class of 2023 valedictorian, will be attending Rice University and the salutatorian, senior Isabel McDaniel, will be attending the University of Virginia.

Along with the title of valedictorian, Cave also presented Morgado with the Academic scholar award, which is awarded to the top student throughout the entire school year. Morgado took seven college-level courses and earned an “A+” in all of them, which qualified her for the award.

“It’s just an overall rewarding experience knowing that ‘yes’ the students did all the work, but that I had a hand in helping the students achieve goals that will push them beyond Maclay,” Cave said.

Other students like, senior Oakley Deison, looked at the awards ceremony as an opportunity to recognize all the great things his fellow peers had achieved in such a short time.

“Watching the people I had gone to school with my entire life earn awards for the things that they did really makes me happy,” Deison said. “They all deserved it and they all worked really hard to get where they are.” 

Almost all seniors were able to leave Cartee Gym with an award in hand. Senior Riley Parker saw this ceremony as one final farewell to the school that she had called home for so long. 

“Since graduation is tomorrow (May 19) this is really bringing everything into perspective,” Parker said. “We all worked hard and to see what others are going to achieve is what high school is all about.” 

The seniors will leave the Maclay campus for one final time on May 19 after they leave their graduation ceremony. But the awards ceremony really presented the fact that graduation is right around the corner. May 19th at 7:00 on Frank Shaw field will be the final day for all Maclay seniors. 

“I can’t wait and I’m sure all my classmates can’t either,” Deison said.


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