With the school year coming to an end, it is important that students acknowledge and appreciate the amount of effort and measures that teachers took in order to prepare students for the upcoming years. Whether it be creating something small, like a card, or something larger, like baking a teacher one of their favorite treats, taking the time to recognize your favorite teacher will show them that you truly care and appreciate all they do for you. This list consists of the perfect handmade and heartfelt gifts that won’t take up a huge chunk of your time and will leave your teacher speechless. 

1. Making a Thank you Card 

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to show your teachers that you appreciate them is by making them a thank you card. Teachers put an insane amount of effort into writing out lesson plans each and every day for their several classes. Thank you cards are an incredibly personal gift to give to anyone, but especially to teachers. With this genuine gift, it shows teachers that you really do care about all they have done for you since the beginning of the school year. Swinging by Publix to pick up a pre-made card or starting from scratch doesn’t require a ton of work and will let teachers see not only the creative side of you but also how thoughtful you are and the lengths you took to show that you appreciate them. 

2. Getting them a Gift Card

Another amazing gift that any teacher would be happy to receive is a gift card. Gift cards act as great presents to give to teachers because it allows them to pick something out that they want or need, with the reminder that a student took time out of their day to find out what they liked and got it just for them. There is a wide variety of gift cards to choose from and getting a gift card from Amazon or a restaurant to give to a teacher shows them that you genuinely care about them and their well-being. 

3. Bringing them coffee

Coffee can never go wrong when thinking about what to get a teacher. Teachers spend hours upon hours grading papers and thinking of elaborate assignments to keep students engaged while learning, and it can get pretty exhausting after a while. Going to your local Dunkin-Donuts or Starbucks and grabbing a quick iced coffee to give to your teacher is always a good idea and it will give them that extra adrenaline boost that they need to get them through the day. Taking five extra minutes out of your morning to do this small task will show your teacher that you appreciate them and all they have to offer.

4. Saying “Thank You.”

Maybe you are really busy throughout the week with school and extracurricular activities, and you don’t have the time to pick up coffee or a gift card, but you still want to show a teacher that you appreciate them. A simple thank you is just as good as any other gift that one could give to a teacher, if not better. Sure, students thank teachers all the time as they practically run out of the classroom right as the bell rings but staying a few minutes late or coming in during a break to thank them directly shows more thought than a student would think. This seemingly easy effort will demonstrate how much students really care about their teachers. 

5. Baking Sweets

If you are the type of person that likes to go above and beyond when giving gifts, baking a dessert is just for you. Giving your favorite teacher a batch of cookies or brownies that you baked specifically for them, will knock them off their feet. By using your free time to bake a special treat, it will undoubtedly show your teacher how much they are appreciated, even if the big grin spread across their face doesn’t tell you already. Giving teachers something that they can pleasantly enjoy and share with fellow co-workers will never fail and it’s always great to show appreciation for the people who make a difference in your life.

6. Paying Attention in Class

Teachers, more likely than not, will appreciate anything that a student brings them; however, constantly being involved in class discussions instead of staring off into space and sitting up straight rather than laying your head on the desk might be the best gift of all. Giving your undivided attention to teachers while they are trying to teach you an important life lesson might be the most impactful gift that is far superior than any gift. By paying attention and actively listening during class will benefit you later on and will let teachers know that you fully respect and appreciate them.