After a slow start to 2023, production company A24 has finally made its mark on the year with the release of its new hit series “Beef.” The series’ exclusive April 6 release marked a special occasion, as it was the firm’s first partnership with streaming giant Netflix. Since its release, the series has been a massive success, taking the number one spot on Netflix’s top ten list and racking up a stellar 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. “Beef,” with its complete originality and resulting outstanding plot, its mind bogglingly good performances and its outstanding cinematography, is one of Netflix’s greatest ever releases and is worthy of a watch from just about any viewer. 

Netflix has a surplus of shows, but there’s no denying that recently many of these shows are becoming repetitive and sometimes even boring. Luckily for fans, just from the trailer alone, viewers could tell that “Beef” would be different. The series begins with what should’ve been an ordinary road rage incident between an unfulfilled entrepreneur and a failing contract worker; however, what follows is everything but normal. The story follows the duo’s feud resulting from the incident, as this seemingly normal event begins to eat away at their lives and tear everything that they know and love apart. What makes the plot so good is the sheer extremity to which it goes and the genres which it encompasses. It takes divorce, death and absolute ruin before the pair finally sit down and talk. The series’ portrayal of anger is like nothing else and warrants a watch from any viewer. 

Arguably, “Beef”’s greatest asset is its performances and lead characters such as Amy Lau (Ali Wong) and Danno Cho (Steven Yeun) who are particularly stunning. From the opening moments, viewers can tell that they are in for something special with the sheer commitment of these two actors. Throughout the series, every line is delivered with conviction and every facial expression with purpose. This elite quality of acting continues to the supporting cast as well. Paul (Young Mazino) wins the hearts of the audience,  Isaac (David Choe) provides all kinds of laughs and George (Joseph Lee) executes the role of the husband to perfection. The quality of acting alone warrants “Beef” a spot on the watchlist of even the most discerning viewer. With its outstanding performances, “Beef” lands itself in the ranks of Netflix’s best shows ever.

In typical A24 fashion, “Beef” is of the highest quality. Most notably, the series contains some absolutely spectacular cinematography. Taking place in suburban California, the directors somehow still make every shot prettier than the last. These great visuals contribute to a completely captivating and enjoyable viewing experience. 

Outside of the cinematography, the rest of the production quality of the show is equally top notch. Every scene is worked to perfection, whether it be the set, the editing, or any of the plethora of items required to produce a film. “Beef”’s quality is something usually reserved for the movies and is a big part of what makes the show so good. 

With its complete originality and outstanding plot, its great performances and its exceptional production quality and cinematography, “Beef” is one of the best watches of not only 2023, but also recent years. In typical fashion, A24 knocked it out of the park, landing the show a worthy spot at the top of any viewers list. 

  • Originality/Plot
  • Performances
  • Cinematography/Quality