“A change of latitude would help my attitude.” 

In the fall of 2024, Maclay’s varsity football, cheerleading and golf teams will travel to Dublin, Ireland to compete against other schools from around the globe. Not only will the trip provide a wide range of competition, but the Marauders will tour historical landmarks and museums to add an educational experience to the voyage. While the Marauder golf team is unsure of exactly which courses they will play while in Dublin, the football team will play one game themselves as well as attend the Florida State vs. Georgia Tech football game, which is being held in Ireland around the same time that the Marauders will be there. 

“We are traveling to Ireland to support the boys and make sure the cheer and football teams are united,” sophomore Neely Oberste said. “Besides cheering on the team, we will do other team bonding and fun activities.” 

With regard to the 2024 Maclay varsity football team, the Marauders will reunite with Maclay’s class of 2023’s Peyton Naylor and Michael Grant who are currently signed to play football for the Noles. Sophomore George Grant, brother of Michael Grant and member of the Marauder varsity football team hopes that this trip to Ireland will bring attention to Maclay football. 

“[I hope that traveling to Ireland] will help get our high school and our program on the map,” Grant said. 

Additionally, freshman Jack Cook is new to Maclay this year but looks forward to traveling with his fellow teammates to Dublin for his sophomore golf season.

“The impact this trip will have on the future of Maclay sports is expanding our culture and learning more about others,” Cook said. “I am looking forward to playing some awesome golf course and memories that the team and I will never forget.”

The trip to Ireland will help promote Maclay School’s “One School” mission from around the globe. Pending the Leon County School System’s approval, Lawton Chiles High School will join the Marauders as another representative from Tallahassee

“I think this trip will show that Maclay values athletics as much as academics,” Oberste said.

“I’m excited to be with my friends and teammates and cheer on the boys in 2024.”