Most high schoolers when asked what they want to be or do when older have absolutely no idea. One exception to this stereotype, however, is junior Parker Lambert. 

Ever since Lambert was young, he knew that he would want to become famous one day.

“I want to go into acting and then do movies,” Lambert said.

When Lambert was around 12 years old, he decided to start pursuing an acting career so his goals of becoming famous could come true.

“I did a casting call once for a heating and air commercial and it was out of 500 kids,” Lambert said. “I made it to the top five but I was too old for the role.”

Lambert did not give up, however, and decided to continue his love for acting by doing numerous acting camps over the summer.

“I want the constant attention and the paparazzi,” Lambert said. “By doing acting, I feel like my dream to become famous will come true.”

Along with acting, Lambert does numerous clubs and tries to be involved in public speaking to help his dreams become a reality. 

“I’ve always loved being a leader,” Lambert said. “I will always go for leadership roles and I really like being in charge. I feel like it comes really easily to me and so does public speaking. I also feel like I am also very easy to talk to.”

As a freshman at Chiles, Lambert was involved in SGA and later, became president during his sophomore year of high school. 

“I was over the moon excited when I found out I won,” Lambert said. “I really like being in the public eye and in the spotlight.”

At the beginning of Lambert’s junior year, he moved from Chiles to Maclay and slowly, as the year went on, became more involved in clubs to continue his love for being in the spotlight. 

“One of the main reasons I moved to Maclay is to really discover what I wanted to do when I was older,” Lambert said. “I slowly started to become more involved in clubs and officer elections. Now I am running for senior class president because I really just like leading and being in charge.”

On top of Lambert’s acting career, he also wants to one day be president of the United States.

“I am hoping to do all of this so that when I run, when I am older, for president, I would have experience being in charge of something larger,” Lambert said. 

Even though Lambert’s life seems perfectly planned out, it is all because of him being diagnosed with OCD. 

“I am a very type A person,” Lambert said. “I love having everything perfect and being able to control things going on in the future helps me calm my anxiety and it gives me something to look forward to as well.”

On top of this, Lambert also defines himself as being a little introverted.

“I’m actually an introvert,” Lambert said. “Like I really love attention but at the same time it makes me really nervous. So, when I get on stage even though I have really bad anxiety beforehand and anxiety while I’m on stage, I am able to kind of switch personalities in a way from off stage Parker to where I just really like to shut a piece of my brain off and only focus on attention. This really helps me be able to speak so well and not seem like I am nervous.”

Overall, Lambert overcomes his problems, fears and issues because of his passion for acting, public speaking and wanting to become president. All of these interests intertwine into one big goal for Lambert: being famous.

“Parker has always known exactly what he wants and is never afraid to speak his mind,” Lambert’s mom Beth Lambert said. “That may be a good or bad thing, but I think it sets him apart and will help him accomplish the goals he has set before himself.”