While all four years of high school are full of pressure, stress and chaos, one of the most essential parts of life is to appreciate the time we have and live lives full of joy. This lesson is one that resonates every day with senior Kolton Lawson. Whether it is playing baseball, spinning pottery, being outside or spending time with his family, living life to the fullest potential is always on Lawson’s mind. 

“[Playing baseball] makes me feel great,” Lawson said. “I am very upset I won’t ever get that feeling again, but it is what it is, everything must come to an end.” 

After playing baseball for as long as he can remember, Lawson spent this spring playing his senior season for the Maclay varsity baseball team. While he can often be found on the field with his team, one of Lawson’s favorite pastimes includes spinning pottery at school with Ms. Dressel. 

“I love spinning pottery,” Lawson said. “Ms. Dressel is one of my favorite teachers and just her being the ceramics teacher makes it even better because I can go in there and spin while also being with my favorite teacher.” 

Because of his love for art, Lawson plans to attend Lively Technical College to learn more about different trades that can expand and support his creative interests.  

“I am a very artistic guy, so I think I can expand my [artistic abilities] to another level that is not just pottery such as building things,” Lawson said. 

While art plays such a prominent role in Lawson’s life, a more relaxed setting such as hunting in the woods or being on the boat always catches his eye. 

“[Being on the boat makes me feel] really relaxed,” Lawson said. “It is a time to really clear my mind and hang up and hang out. I love getting some sun and swimming and just being free.” 

Lawson’s positive outlook on life not only affects his view of the world but also those around him.

“[My favorite thing about Kolton is] his joy,” senior Matthew Brookins said. “He always brings smiles to the classroom and makes everybody happy.”

His love for his friends and life is always evident based on the positive attitude he displays daily. While he always radiates this positive energy with his friends and peers, his love for his family outshines any other relationships. 

“My mom and I are two peas in a pod,” Lawson said. “We tell each other just about everything. I love to go to the beach with my mom because we just sit out on the beach, look at the water, and hang out together. Quality time with my mom is always the best time.” 

Although most of Lawson’s morals and values are rooted in his family, many individuals in his life create a lasting impact that he chooses to live by every day. 

[I try to live by the motto] ‘It’s all good,” Lawson said. “My dad’s best friend has always said that and it really stuck with me. I just think it is really good [to live by].” 

Lawson displays this phrase through his joyful actions every day of his life. 

“My favorite memory growing up with Kolton was when we were six years old and we went to the beach with our families,” senior Mackenzie Jackson said. “We were all sitting on the beach watching the sunset and Kolton was off, but we did not know where he was. You look over and see him with 16 other kids, he had just made so many friends. That is what I love about Kolton is that no matter where we are, he can always find something to relate to someone about and something to love about someone.”