Gathering in Beck Family Research Center’s (BFIC) Langford Hall, past Maclay parents were reunited once again. Some parents had recent graduates while others had kids graduating in 2012. No matter the age of the graduates, parents took a trip down memory lane but with a modern twist.

Starting with coffee in Langford Hall, parents had time to catch up before receiving a run-down of Maclay’s recent changes and events. Parents walked through BFIC and enjoyed the artwork and observed classes, as well as the new technology within them. The parents present at the Past Parent Coffee event were seeing this all for the first time as their children never got to learn in the BFIC since it wasn’t built yet.

Maclay administrator Ellen Agrella was ecstatic to have the past parents around to show them the small details of how the school has evolved since they were last here. 

“It was really nice to have the opportunity to show these parents all the changes,” Agrella said. “It’s nice for the parents to see what the changes have done for the curriculum and programs, and see how the campus is growing and changing.”

Agrella put on the event since she has a unique perspective as an administrator and parent. 

“I have a son in the second grade,” Agrella said. “Having a child in school here and being in administration led me to create this event so that other parents can see how their children’s former school is progressing.”

The parents went on a tour around the school to places like the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) and the advancements office. The tour was led by Kim McWilliams so that they could see firsthand the improvements that were described by Agrella in the first half of their time together.

“Showing the parents around and seeing their reactions to what has been done at the school was exciting,” McWilliams said. “We have had a lot of advancements since most of the parents had students here [at Maclay], so they were very interested in what was new.”

Fran Shaw, a Maclay alumnae herself, attended the Past Parent Coffee event. Her long history with Maclay made the tour even more exciting. 

“The Past Parent Coffee was wonderful,” Shaw said. “I was struck by the improvements and additions that have been made to the buildings and classrooms. Mr. Mackie’s Anatomage Table was one of the most impressive aspects of the morning. I also had the unique opportunity the other morning to tour the school with my parents and my daughter. I can say without a doubt Maclay is and always will be a second home to me and my family.”