Senior night began with the one and only senior Kolton Lawson. The Varsity Maclay Marauder baseball team played a game against the John Paul Panthers II and won. It was a home game for the Marauders and the final game score of the night was 4-2 on April 25.

Lawson started the night by walking with his parents onto the baseball field as his teammates, family members and friends cheered him on. He was the only senior on the team so the ceremony was extra special for him. He received a giant picture frame of himself in his number nine jersey and was given flowers. 

“I think I did okay on defense,” Lawson said. “Offense not to good.”

The game quickly began, and when the second batter came up to bat, Lawson struck him out. The other two outs were made on first base. When it was Maclay’s turn at bat, junior Hudson Leger had the first hit, but no runs were scored. 

In the top of the second inning junior Cole Lewis had a great pop fly for the Marauders, gaining an out. Lawson had another strike out to the batter. And by the bottom of the third inning eighth grader Chase Fuller hit a triple. The Marauders were fighting for a victory. 

After Fuller’s triple, Leger hit the ball towards the outfield and got him to home plate. This was the first point of the game scored and the Marauders were in the lead. Fuller later hit a homerun for the Marauders and the crowd went crazy. 

“I feel like I played good,” Lewis said. “ I had a good double and made all of my plays on the field so it was a good game.”

Entering the top of the sixth inning sophomore Zeke Podgorski hit a double for Maclay. No points were scored throughout the sixth or seventh inning. At the end of the night the final game score was 4-2 and the Marauders had won on their senior night. 

“We got off to a slow start today,” head coach Drew Sherrod said. “The pitcher that they were pitching a little slower than we were used to so it took us a little bit to catch on. We were not as aggressive as I would have liked to have been but we did end up getting 10 or 11 hits. With that you wish you could score more runs with that but we had to kind of gut it out.”