Will you accept this rose? If not, then take a moment and say your goodbyes….

While the men and women say their goodbyes to everyone who gets sent home off the show, people should be saying goodbye to a lot more. As the hot and popular reality TV show, The Bachelor is in the midst of its drama-filled season, many controversies have sparked surrounding a large decrease in views for the show as a whole. With 27 seasons of The Bachelor on air, it is no surprise that many of their viewers have gone down compared to other seasons. While everyone loves a good TV show centered around drama, the Bachelorette and the Bachelor need to end its reign on ABC before all of Bachelor Nation stops watching it all together. 

As intriguing as reality TV shows can be for most people, The Bachelorette and Bachelor should ultimately end because of how many views the television show has lost. As fans are in the middle of watching season 27 with Zach Shallcross as the Bachelor, many of Bachelor Nation fans have revealed that they find Shallcross boring. When asked what most of the fans looked for in the show, most of them responded with answers such as a lot of drama, a well-liked and popular Bachelor or Bachelorette and a season full of surprises. In fact, views have plummeted so extremely that the season with the most views was season 4 with a whopping 18.62 million views. This number is much different compared to Zach’s season, which has only brought it about 2.9 million views. Unfortunately for bachelor nation, many of the fans feel as if they have not received their wishes since around season 24 and above. 

In fact, many people have expressed that each date and each activity are becoming the exact same formality, rather than a true emotional moment. As the show progresses, many fans are able to predict exactly what will happen on the different dates throughout the episode. For example, during every one-on-one date, the women dig into their personal traumas while the Bachelor shares almost nothing about his life. This is a routine many people have grown to accept over the years as the dates are becoming time fillers for the shows. If Bachelor Nation is going to produce the same episodes every season, there is no point in making any more seasons, especially if people are bored by the Bachelor or Bachelorette. 

When the Bachelor returned for its 27th season, I was mildly intrigued. However, after watching most of the season, it’s hard to root for Shallcross because of how boring the season has proven to be. In fact, I have found out more interesting things on the internet versus the actual TV show itself. I have learned more about the show from social media posts because of how slow and boring this season has become. While the show has just started to pick up some drama-filled scenes, it is not enough to keep viewers watching until the very end, including myself. 

Despite the efforts made by Bachelor Nation to bring a feel-good and back-to-basics season for fans to enjoy, it has taken everything away that many fans yearn to see from reality TV. As Shallcross does seem like a genuine guy that is there for the right reasons, which is definitely an upside, it does not provide fans with any more excitement compared to past seasons. As the show is centered around finding love at the end, many of the views do not come from a happy ending. As weird as it is, many of the views come from all the drama-filled journey to get to the happy ending. Instead of picking a bachelor or bachelorette that many people find boring, Bachelor Nation should consider picking a person that wants to find love but also can attract a group of people to make the show a smashing success.

For someone that has watched almost every season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, I have not been as interested in the past few seasons. Unfortunately, Bachelor nation will never be as popular as it once was, and I think it’s time that ABC comes to the same conclusion. After all, they could be sent home crying in a van just like all the other contestants on the show.