Excitement over the opening of Raising Cane’s hit Tallahassee in Mar. 2022, and has been building until the official opening on April 13, 2023. 

Tallahassee has an abundance of restaurants focused around chicken, but when locals were informed of the famous fast food option coming to town, many people were immediately hooked. The restaurant offers several combos coming with their famous chicken tenders or chicken sandwich that is included with fries, coleslaw, canes sauce, texas toast and a drink. While Cane’s was talked about by people all over the country as some of the best chicken ever, this is far from the truth. The chicken tenders come as bland as they can with little to no seasoning, even salt. This being said, the chicken does taste more fresh and less greasy than alternative fast food options. While there is no seasoning on virtually anything, the Cane’s sauce does attempt to eliminate this problem. While the sauce typically comes in small sauce containers, they do have the option for you to purchase an entire cup full of sauce, in hopes of making up for the blandness of the meal. Rather than wasting money for mediocre food at Cane’s, people might as well opt for a cheaper fast food option or something at home. 

The pricing for Cane’s varies depending on what meal you choose. The pricing for the combos ranges between $9.49, being the cheapest, for the three Finger Combo, and $15.89, being the most expensive, for the Caniac Combo. Compared to similar fast food restaurants, such as Zaxby’s, which offers the same type of food, Zaxby’s is much cheaper with their similar option to the three Finger Combo which is around 2 dollars cheaper at $7.89. When taking into consideration the quality of the food for how much it costs, Cane’s is a decent option, but not ideal for customers looking for quality food and reasonable pricing.

The main downfall of Cane’s is the location it is in. Located right in the heart of Tallahassee, next to the Doak Campbell Stadium, Cane’s is tucked into a small shopping center including a Target, Vale Food Co and others. With all of these businesses being popular places in town, the opening of another extremely popular place causes traffic that is nearly unbearable. The line wraps around the entire building and through the parking lot, causing many traffic jams, posing a possible safety hazard. All and all, the location is not the most convenient, especially for Maclay Students who would consider Cane’s an off campus lunch option, or for anyone in a rush. 

Although the opening of Raising Cane’s was exciting news for Tallahasssee, many factors make it an inferior option. While everyone has been eagerly awaiting the opening of Raising Cane’s, the opening day was not all it was expected to be. The food quality, pricing and location of the restaurant all contribute to the upsetting let down Tallahassee has been hit with since the restaurant’s opening in April.

  • Food Quality
  • Pricing
  • Location