The two main places on campus to get food are TruBru and the cafeteria, but deciding which one is better can be tough. Depending on what you are feeling up to that day, both TruBru and the cafeteria can offer healthy and delicious options for every craving. Factors that contribute to which place you choose to visit can include what you feel like eating or drinking, how much you want to spend or even how far you feel like walking. However, students and teachers still have a favorite of the two places to visit without considering any of these factors, so they’ll be put to the test to see which is better.

TruBru’s prices range from two to 10 dollars, which includes cups of cereal to Social Kitchen meals. TruBru’s selections are more expensive overall, but they offer coffee and drinks that aren’t available in the cafeteria. The cafeteria’s prices range from two to six and a half dollars that range from chips to a hot meal with a drink. Since TruBru sells primarily drinks and snacks, the amount spent there can add up fast with frequent visits. Generally, this causes the charges from TruBru to overall be higher. Moreover, because TruBru doubles as a spirit shop, that can add to the overall spending there. While TruBru is fun to shop at for gifts and Maclay memorabilia, the cafeteria is the winner for price since it offers a good selection at a lower cost. 

The thing that gets people to shop at TruBru frequently is the convenience of it. Located in the Beck Family Research Center (BFIC), TruBru is the closest to most classes in the upper school. Therefore, most students will make a pit stop there between classes or during lunch. The cafeteria is not much farther away than TruBru from the courtyard, but it is far enough that it is inconvenient to go there if you’re in a rush to get food before a meeting or leave school. Additionally, upper school students aren’t allowed to visit the cafeteria before lunchtime which can be inconvenient for any students with food allergies that need to primarily eat from the cafeteria. Since the cafeteria is so popular at lunch, the line is usually out the door to get food, which can cause people to get impatient and just go to TruBru to get food. The location and availability of TruBru makes it the winner for being the most convenient place.

TruBru offers snacks such as muffins, cookies, bars, chips, dips and chip, hummus and veggies, cereal, oatmeal cups and crackers. The drink selection includes protein shakes, juice, caffeinated drinks, electrolyte drinks, water and flavored carbonated waters. TruBru offers a more “fun” selection with food and drinks that wouldn’t normally be available at school. The cafeteria offers snacks such as chips, cookies, fruit, ice cream bars and cups and yogurt. The meals include various hot lunches, acai bowls, Which Wich subs or wraps, salads, corndogs, hamburgers, Marco’s pizza and chicken sandwiches. The menu also includes gluten-free options for meals from restaurants like Which Wich, a choice which TruBru lacks. The wider array of options and meals at the cafeteria makes it the winner in this case. 

The overall winner of the battle of the meals is the cafeteria. To get cheaper allergy friendly options and various food selections, make the trip over to the cafeteria, or visit TruBru and pay the additional price for their preferable location.