The day a teenager learns to drive is a monumental moment that signifies maturity and growing up. Finally being able to drive oneself around is an important factor in a teen’s life and gives a sense of independence for new drivers. While this is a very exciting time, there are rules every driver, especially new drivers, need to be aware of and follow to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. There are of course the obvious rules of the road, such as following speed limits and road signs, but some drivers tend to throw these rules out the window when it comes to the school parking lot. These seven rules are must knows for drivers and students when it comes to navigating school parking lots, especially at Maclay. 

  1. Don’t go too fast, but don’t go too slow

Everyone always has somewhere to be, especially on campus, but people must keep in mind that there are students constantly traveling around campus trying to get to their destination. While it is not necessary to speed through the parking lot at 30 miles per hour, there is also no need to go five miles per hour. A happy medium of ten to 15, depending on the capacity of the parking lot, is acceptable and safe for all drivers.  

  1. Don’t walk in the middle of the road

Speaking of someone always having somewhere to go on campus, this means that there are constantly students and faculty around the parking lot. With people going to class, lunch, their cars and even lower schoolers making their way to P.E., there is always activity on campus and students often do not pay attention to their surroundings. While it is easy to get wrapped up in conversations and day to day life, people must be aware of their surroundings to ensure their safety in a parking lot full of new teenage drivers. 

  1. Don’t park in the middle of the road

While walking in the middle of the road poses a pretty big safety hazard, parking in the middle of the road comes pretty close. While making it to first period on time without a late slip is definitely a priority, there are parking spots made to keep cars out of the middle of the road for the convenience of everyone. Yes, a car in the middle of the street is unsafe for other drivers making their way through the parking lot, but it is also extremely risky for the owner who parked in the middle of a lane since their car could very easily be hit by another. Keep the risks to a minimum and park your car in a spot rather than a lane. 

  1. Don’t excessively honk for no reason

A popular discussion topic on campus, sparking class assemblies for the wrong reasons, is excessive honking in the parking lot. Seeing friends on your way into school is always fun, but there are more appropriate ways of greeting them than continuously blaring a car horn at them until they notice. While it may be funny once or twice to scare your friends with the horn as they are walking in front of your car, more than two times is just irritating and disruptive. 

  1. Don’t cut people off

A move that will definitely cause a honk from someone is cutting them off. It is easy to lose your way in the parking lot, but making sure you are aware of your surroundings, such as pedestrians and other vehicles around you, will ensure the safe and simple flow of traffic. While it might be an easy fix to just cut across a couple lanes in the parking lot, some people might not be pleased by this, including the security guards who will likely stop you with a stern talking to.

  1. Do let people into the line when leaving, but don’t be too generous 

Leaving campus for lunch or after school is always a hectic time, but there are ways to make this easier such as letting people into the car line as everyone leaves campus. While this does help the flow of traffic and prevent backup of cars, letting too many people in at a time can also cause a pile up. Being the nice guy to one or two cars is always appreciated, but after two it becomes a bit too much and prevents others from leaving campus.

  1. Don’t tailgate on the way out

Again, leaving school is stressful and chaotic. Everyone is rushing to go home, to practice, to work and many other things, but tailgating another person to get to your next location is uncalled for and unsafe. Some people go significantly under the speed limit and others go significantly over, but going the required speed and waiting for the appropriate time to pass another car is the best option to safely get from place to place without having to make a pit stop because of an accident. 

Having the freedom to drive yourself around is very exciting, but brings big responsibilities. There are several rules implemented to ensure the safety of others on campus and their vehicles. Making sure to abide by the rules will guarantee the privilege to drive on campus and benefit everyone driving and moving around the school.