Recently, reading is becoming more popular in today’s society. As certain novels or series become popular, their chances of being adapted into a film are more likely to happen. Most of the time, people who watch a film based on a book first do not typically have the same experience, backstory or details that you normally would if you read the book. Characters are also richer and have bigger personalities in the book. Overall, reading the book first has more benefits than watching the movie first. 

Most movies  usually last two to three hours long and because of that, people are having to skip around and miss important parts of the plot. Unlike movies however, books do not have a certain length they have to be. Books are best at providing backstories because they do not have to be cut down.A book can be however long it needs to be to relay the story to the reader. Moreover, people who do not read a series or novel before watching the film adaptation often become confused. According to Entertainment Times, movies in particular have to cut down back stories and change the plot, which can become confusing. When important details are left out, movies can be all over the place. When reading, you know all the little details the movie cannot include because it will be too long. It takes people anywhere from three days to a week to finish a book unlike the two hours it takes to finish a movie. As stated in King Chester News, books have hundreds of pages of descriptions and key detail to make the story more entertaining. Reading a book before the movie gives you every single important detail that helps the plot of the story. Without certain details, like movies leave out, you will never get the full effect of the story. 

 Reading the book first also gives your mind the idea to create pictures of different characters using your imagination. Sometimes when you watch a movie, the casting for the characters ruins that illusion because they do not always look like their fictional characters. For example, in the tv show adaptation for “The Vampire Diaries,” Elena is blonde in the books but in the show she is brunette. Screen Rant says, one of Elena’s best friends in the book is a girl named Meredith who simply does not exist in the TV show. The main difference between the two is Elena loves Stefen not Damon like she does in the show. This was a huge deal breaker for fans of the book because some of the main plot points are completely altered. Being able to channel your creative side is one of the biggest advantages that comes with reading a book. When people watch the movie first, this creative mindset is taken away from them and ultimately takes most of the fun out of reading. 

Nowadays a lot of people do not think they have time to sit down and read a book. To them, watching a movie just seems more appealing and easier. However, reading is something that’s relaxing and is supposed to be enjoyable. There is not a time limit put on reading and can be done at whatever leisure people choose. If there is a show or movie coming out that is based on a book series, people should read the book first to guarantee they are receiving all the details of the story.  

Overall, books cover all the key details movies do not. Movies are rushed and you do not get the same slow-burn experience you do with a good book. Sitting down with a book after a long day is just what you need for a perfect night of relaxing. Besides, it just makes sense to read a book and then the film, not the other way around.