Everyone loves a good gas station snack. Not only are they the best option for road trips but they are appetizing anytime. These different snacks are the perfect option to sneak into a movie theater when you want to save a little cash. Walking into the gas station and catching sight of the array of delicious looking snacks can sometimes be overwhelming, but these specific snacks will help you narrow down your options and never fail to satisfy your cravings.

1. Nerd gummy clusters

Nerds gummy clusters are a bit controversial among peers in 2023. However, these flavorful gummies are the perfect chewy and crunchy edition to your gas station run snack collection. There are two flavors, rainbow and very berry. Both are great but very berry is the best. The nerds that surround the sweet gummy add the perfect tasty crunch and makes this candy one of the top options among gas station snacks. 

2. Muddy Buddies 

Muddy Buddies are not as well known as many of the other snacks, however, it is just as, if not more delicious than other options. There are two flavors, the chocolate peanut butter and cookies and cream. Cookies and cream is the better flavor but both are delicious.  Muddy Buddies are a unique addition to the list, but never fail to satisfy sweet cravings. This sweetly transformed chex cereal is powdery and crunchy. It is a household staple and therefore a top pick for gas station runs. 

3. Icees 

The classic American Icee beverage located at local gas stations never fails to please buyers. The different flavors include blue raspberry, cherry and coke. Each flavor holds the sweet cold familiar taste, but blue raspberry is the best. This frozen treat is classic and unbeatable making it the perfect drink option for a gas station run. 

4. Air head extremes 

Whether you buy the “bites” or the “belts,” air head extremes never fail to bring the sour and sweet flavor that consumers seek when buying candy. Each bite, or belt, delivers sour flavors of strawberry, blue raspberry and raspberry with a sweet finish that makes you want more. This mouthwatering candy is slightly chewy and works well with the sour and sweet flavor mixture. This flavorful pack of candy that is a little bit sweet and a whole lot of sour is another go to candy option for a gas station run. 

5. 100 Grand Chocolate Bar 

Different chocolate candies are always a top choice among chocolate loving customers. However, sometimes the assortment of chocolate bars and candies can be overwhelming. Although there are many delicious chocolate bars and candy options, the 100 grand bar is a unique addition to the list that isn’t talked about enough. The bar has a caramel filling that is the perfect consistency and a crunchy crisped rice mixed throughout the chocolate coating. The 100 Grand bar is seriously underhyped and should be added to your gas station list pronto. Chocolate bars and candies are always a great gas station option that should never be overlooked, and the 100 Grand bar will not disappoint. 

6. Sour gummy worms 

The Trolli sour gummy worms are superior compared to the other off-brands. The Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are multi-flavored gummy worms with a tart sugary coating that are the perfect balance of sour and sweet. There are a variety of shapes and flavors to choose from as well. Gas station customers can have fun choosing between the shapes including hearts, sloths, octopus, eggs and more. The different shapes and flavors make Trolli gummy worms a distinctive option in the midst of different gas station snacks. 

7. Cheeto Puffs 

Cheeto Puffs are always a huge hit among gas station options. They are the perfect mix between fluffy and crunchy that adds a burst of cheesy goodness to your taste buds. Although they are very popular among younger kids, anyone can enjoy this deliciously satisfying snack. They are always a go-to for gas station runs due to their simplicity and deliciousness. 

8. Mini powdered donuts 

Mini powdered donuts may seem like an unrealistic option for a simple gas station run snack, but they are no less delicious. These “donettes” are cooked to golden perfection and coated in the sweetest dusting of powdered sugar. Most everyone enjoys donuts and these mini powdered donuts are the perfect option to satisfy your random donut cravings. 

9. Chex Mix

Chex Mix is the perfect snack option to throw into the mix! There is a variety of options available at gas stations including the classic, cheddar, bold party blend and more. The classic is always a go-to and never fails to bring the variety of crunchy, salty flavors together into one delicious snack mix. Chex Mix lovers enjoy the tasty chex cereal mixed with an assortment of pretzels, bagel chips, rye chips and mini breadsticks. Each piece in the mix is flavorful and delicious but specifically the pretzels and mini breadsticks are the most loved. This mouthwatering mix of miscellaneous snack foods carried in Chex Mix is the perfect snack to pick up on your next gas station run. 

10. Nuts 

Nuts may seem like a boring option for a gas station snack, not to mention that not everyone can have them. However, both almonds, peanuts and cashews can be a perfect gas station snack when looking for a slightly healthier option. Not only do nuts contain a good amount of protein, they are salty and delicious. The crunchy, addictingly salty taste that nuts contain make them a great gas station run snack.