Ever since 1959, the infamous Grammys award show has been streaming, and this year was no exception. The Grammy Awards is an award show presented by the Recording Academy to honor exceptional accomplishments within the music industry. Winning a Grammy can be considered a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment and is a significant achievement. It is not only an excellent lifetime accomplishment, but it also helps artists improve their streams and sales numbers. Because of this, the Grammy’s is a fantastic program that provides excellent entertainment throughout American television.  

For years, the Grammys have been something fans of music look forward to each year. As stated in The Recording Academy, the Grammy’s is one of the three major award ceremonies held each year and is one of the four annual American entertainment idea awards. There are four prominent awards in the Grammys: album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist. Members of the National Academy select individuals and nominate them for awards. They then choose the five nominees with the most votes to be considered for the award. When voting, each member considers the aspects of each song and artist. The Grammy’s celebrates many legacies and artistic abilities within the music industry. It is a tremendous honor to be presented with a Grammy award and to represent the American music culture. 

As well as the Grammys being a significant accomplishment, winning or performing at the Grammys boosts many artists’ streams and sales. According to Billboard, in 2020, Taylor Swift’s album “Folklore” won album of the year. A week after the big win, there was a 53% increase in earnings. Later there was a 12% increase in revenue. Typically most artists see a 4% to 400% increase in profits after the Grammys. Because of all the attention around the Grammys, it makes people curious about the winners or nominees, which leads to researching each artist. 

Though the Grammys is an excellent program, some people believe it is rigged because the people do not get to vote. As seen in Style Caster, the Recording Academy votes on the Grammy nominees, who later decide the winner. Several essential steps are considered when selecting a Grammy winner, meaning it is not random. Some people also get angry over the fact that fans cannot vote for the Grammys. Even though this can be a frustrating factor, there are many other programs like The People’s Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, VMAS and IHeart Radio Music Awards where fans can vote for their favorite artists. There is the perfect mix of academy-represented awards and people’s choice awards. 

Overall the Grammys is an entertaining program to watch. For the past 65 years, the Grammys have been honoring artists within the music industry. Because of the incredible honor and boost in streaming service for the artist, the Grammys is an excellent program to watch and will continue to be one of the best award ceremonies.