LoveShackFancy is an up and coming brand that is making it big in the current fashion industry. It originated in New York, created by Rebecca Hassel Cohen, and the company has been growing ever since with boutiques all around the world. The clothing is rich in detail and includes intricate lace, flattering silhouettes, whimsical hand dyed or printed fabrics and a large emphasis on romantic floral prints. The brand targets women and girls who love the boho-chic vintage or “cottage core” look. With new arrivals coming in each month, and due to the extreme prices and large variety of carefully curated options, it can be difficult to pick ones that are classic and will be worn frequently. These top five picks are perfect for a timeless fashion statement that can be styled in different ways.

  1. Natasha Dress

The beautiful LoveShackFancy signature Natasha Dress is the perfect first buy to start off your collection. This dress is available in many different colors, changing throughout each season. The colors pink, black, white and purple are almost always available unless sold out. The intricate detail on the high cut front and open back of the dress adds the perfect lacy feminine touch while remaining modest. Each dress is hand dyed with the color of your choosing and each one is unique. The double ruffle lining in the front and back of the dress accentuates the elastic waistline that stretches to your figure. This dress is versatile and can be dressed up or down with ease. It is the perfect base to add a fun gold belt or a funky necklace and earrings. The dress matches great with sneakers, heels or sandals and can even be used as a beach cover up. This dress is perfect for any setting including brunches, family nights, shopping days or even a walk in the streets of the city. Keep on the lookout for different varieties of this timeless classic dress in different prints and colors. 

  1. Gwen Dress

The LoveShackFancy Gwen dress is a favorite among first time and returning customers. It is a quality cotton material with lace embroidery all around that adds the perfect detailing. This adorable mini dress has a deep v line cut created from the faux wrap top aspect. The v line cut is still modest and the dress is perfect for any occasion. Just like the Natasha dress, this dress is always available in colors pink, black and white, but instead of purple there is a multi-tie dye. The wrap top has flutter sleeves that are feminine and fun and the whole top connects to an elastic waist. The waistline is further accentuated by the two ruffle tiers on the skirt. The flouncy bottom is sweet and playful and makes this dress the perfect option for brunches, sorority events, shopping days or even for a graduation event. Just like the Natasha, this dress can be dressed up or down and is another perfect first item to start off your LoveShackFancy collection. 

  1. Ruffle Mini Skirt

The ruffle mini skirt is arguably the best piece to buy from LoveShackFancy, especially for a first time buyer. The skirt comes in tons of different colors and prints, depending on the season. There are a few colors that can always be found available, such as white, but it is most fun to keep a lookout for the new arrivals of the skirt. Each print is unique and only available for a short period of time. These skirts are very versatile and can be worn at almost any occasion. They are the perfect beach cover ups and are even great for a cute picnic with friends. The skirt is very flattering and accentuates the waist well with the elastic band that stretches to your figure. This effortlessly feminine skirt has beautiful lace detailing and can be worn with almost any top. These skirts go great with bodysuits, tank tops, t-shirts and even floral printed tops. When trying to decide what item to buy from LoveShackFancy, these lovely delicate skirts are the optimal option.

  1. Stella Dress

The stunningly detailed Stella dress is another signature LoveShackFancy buy. The lace is custom, placed carefully and adds the perfect flirty feminine flair. The desert Victorian fabric includes different lacy prints so detailed that you find something new every time you gaze at the dress. The short fitted sleeve is topped by a flouncy ruffle sleeve that cascades down the bodice gradually getting smaller. The dramatic shoulder and fluffy ruffle mini skirt bottom draws attention to the waistline, giving it a flattering appearance. This perfectly feminine dress is delicate and has a vintage influence. Coming in both black and white, this dress is simple and classic, making it the best option for a friend’s birthday party. This dress can be worn in a variety of different ways and just like the others, can be dressed up or down. The flirty feminine yet simple look of this dress makes it a total LoveShackFancy must have. 

  1. Deanna Halter Mini Dress

The Deanna Halter Mini Dress may not be for everyone, but those who love it, absolutely love it. This dress is on the more expensive side compared to some of the others, but it is worth it. This low cut halter is convertible, can be tied in a few different ways and even tied in a lavish bow at the back of the neck. The flared skirt is scalloped and is located below a wide smocked waistband. The lace detailing on this dress is different from the others and gives the dress a summery feel. This dress is also a perfect beach cover up along with its flexibility to be worn for different occasions. This  fun and unique option is best suited to smaller-chested girls but can absolutely be worn well by anyone. This dress is the perfect second or third option to your LoveShackFancy collection. 

The LoveShackFancy brand continues to grow more support over the course of time. Although the clothing pieces may be a splurge, they are worth the money especially if worn frequently. These versatile pieces can go with almost anything and are great for all events. By keeping a lookout on the website and in the minimal but growing amount of boutiques, you can find the perfect new arrival that screams your personality. However, if you would rather spend money on a more simple piece, these top five must-haves are the best available options to choose from.