“You only live once, but you get to serve twice.”

On Feb. 6, the Maclay girls and boys varsity tennis teams faced Leon in their first match of the season. The matches were held on the tennis courts at Maclay School and commenced at 3:30 p.m. Competing for the Marauders on the girl’s side was seventh grader Autumn Daniels, sophomore Megan Vegas, juniors Maria Boulos, Anissa Lakshmin, Lainey Ford, Olivia Bastien and senior Emily Macri. On the boy’s side was eighth grader Matthew D’Silva, sophomore John Fletcher Butler, juniors Bradley Carnes, Jake Lyon, Mateo Silberman, Rich Smith and senior Oakley Deison.

Though the Marauder tennis teams gave it their all during the season opener, only the girl’s team could pull out a victory. The girls went 7-0 in singles matches, crushing the Lions. The Marauders also competed in double’s matches, however, only the singles matches counted towards overall scoring.

“I feel like I played well,” Macri said. “My backhand shots were very good.” 

Moreover, Macri also grew up playing tennis. Macri explains that her goal this season is to improve her forehand and first serves. This season marks Macri’s sixth year on the Maclay girl’s varsity tennis team.

“With this season being my last, I just want to have fun with my time, [continue winning] and make more special memories,” Macri said. 

Additionally, Macri saw Bastien and Ford as standouts at Monday’s match.

“[Bastien and Ford] were the last match on [the court], and never gave up,” Macri said. 

On the boy’s side, the Marauders were unable to escape the lion’s den as they went 0-7 in their singles matches. 

“I felt pretty good,” Deison said. “I think everybody was nervous because it was the first match of the year.” 

Despite the loss, Deison believes his teammates had tremendous spirit and did an excellent job at cheering on their teammates even when they were not playing. 

“I think Matthew D’Silva stood out [on Monday],” Deison said. “He had the closest match and most positive energy.” 

The Maclay girls and boys varsity tennis teams will face Chiles in their next match on Feb. 8. The matches will be held at Chiles High School.