Everyone knows the iconic Addams Family from their multiple movies and TV shows since 1964. However, fans of the Addams Family have never gotten to see a show all about Wednesday Addams until now. “Wednesday,” ironically released on Wednesday, Nov. 23 hit the number one spot on Netflix. In this new spinoff of the Addams Family, viewers watch Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) as she transfers to her new school, Nevermore, all while trying to solve numerous thrilling mysteries. At the end of the eight-episode series, “Wednesday” leaves viewers with a nail-biting cliffhanger leaving fans anxiously waiting and counting down the days until season two is released.

One of the best parts about watching “Wednesday” was how realistic the show looked, especially “Thing.” “Thing” is the name of Wednesday’s pet hand who has been a part of the Addams Family since 1964 and is another essential role of the spooky family. Bringing “Thing”  into “Wednesday” was a significant aspect of the show. “Thing” constantly helps Wednesday with her social life at Nevermore and her exhilarating missions. But the best part about “Thing” is how realistic it looked. Magician Victor Dorobantu is the actor who plays “Thing” in the “Wednesday” series, and he does a fantastic job. Dorobantu, along with the editing and film crew, made it look like there was a real hand walking around the set. At times, it is hard to believe that “Thing” is fake and not just another student at Nevermore. 

Along with the realistic aspect of “Wednesday,” the acting was phenomenal. Ortega has been recently rising to fame since her role of Wednesday. Preparing for the role, she took German lessons along with cello lessons to make her acting performance the best she could. Ortega was extremely dedicated to the part, and viewers can tell by how she acts on the show. Another vital aspect of her character was the creepiness. Ortega needed to learn Wednesday’s vocabulary and movements from the original show. She even went as far as not blinking through the entire series. Little things like this make the show more enjoyable to watch because the characters, such as Wednesday, truly come to life.

“Wednesday,” compared to the other Addams Family shows, were pretty similar. “Wednesday,” however, did have a different twist but, to make up for this difference, the director did a fantastic job with the casting. One character in the show was extra special, however, Christina Ricci (Marilyn Thornhill). Ricci played Wednesday in the 1993 version of the Addams Family. Because of this, it gave a special element to her character and role in the movie. Many fans of the Addams Family were ecstatic to see arguably one of the best Wednesday’s play a role in the new spinoff “Wednesday.”

The director, actors, and effects all played such an essential role in the show but what really put the show on top was the unique spinoff of the original Addams Family. All of the little details that went into “Wednesday” is what put the new series as number one on Netflix and everyone’s newest and favorite binge-worthy show.

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