Having the ability to say that you are a twin can be a pretty big deal. People look at you differently and ask you all sorts of questions once they realize that there’s another one of you. The idea that twins will always have a close-knit relationship, or the fact that they are always together, is what makes being a twin so great, and for the most part, that is what many twin relationships are like. Being a twin can be extraordinary and with that comes  many advantages that many people may not know or understand. 

“I like being a twin because I always have someone to rely on,” junior Anna Miller said. “He can help me with my homework and any questions I have about school, and I always have someone to talk to.”

When being a twin, you never have to worry about being alone because you’re always around your twin. For the first chunk of my life, my brother and I spent almost every day together, and I can’t remember a time when we were apart. But I loved it. I loved the fact that I would never be alone when my parents left the house or when we would get a babysitter and drive them crazy. When you are a  twin, you will always have someone that looks out for you or who will stick up for you when your parents get mad. No matter what, you will never be alone when you are a twin. 

When my brother and I were little, we would be tagged along to almost any family trip, that included  a short weekend visit to my grandparent’s house or  a two-week long vacation in California. Last summer, my parents, my brother and I went up to California, and it was one of my favorite trips we have taken. What made it so fun and special was the freedom that my brother and I had since we are now older. We walked down the road to play miniature golf more times than I could count. We also rode jet skis, with my brother and I on one and my dad on the other. That was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had with my brother, even when he drove too fast while turning and threw both of us off the jet ski. Having someone that you can hang out with, especially when going on a vacation with your family, is a really special experience. You  get to cherish all the memories that you make on vacation with someone else, making the trip that much better. 

Because I’m a twin, I always look towards my brother when I get bored. Since we were always together, it didn’t matter when I got bored because my brother was always there to keep me laughing. When we were younger, my mom always had to bring both of us with her whenever she went on errands. When  my brother and I  got bored, we tried to do things that made going on errands as fun as possible. As we got older, we stopped going on errands with my mom, but now, we’re the ones that go on errands for her. It gives us a good chance to catch up with each other and joke around like we always do. It also keeps us from staying at the house all day. From being dragged on ridiculous errands, to being forced to go to those ridiculous errands by ourselves, my brother and I always tried to make the most of the situation, and we always managed to have fun with each other. While it is a rollercoaster of emotions with the two of us, we are always together and always have fun, which is what matters most to me. 

While being a twin seems like all fun and  games, and for the most part, it is, it can also be pretty stressful and pressuring. All my life, I have compared myself to my twin for countless things, and not only do I do it, but others do too. Everyone always asks, “who’s the smarter one?” or “who got the better grade on the test?”  I often ask these same questions myself, and the answer is usually my brother. He has always been the “smarter twin,” getting the better grades, and ever since middle school, he has been in the more advanced classes. It can be exhausting knowing that no matter how late I stay up studying or how often I talk to a teacher, my brother will still manage to get a better grade than me. Not only that, but having a twin, who is similar to you in many ways, can make it harder to show your own individual side since everyone groups the two of you together. Being a twin comes with many perks, but it also comes with struggles that most of us like to hide from others. 

Despite the struggles a twin must carry, celebrating your life with someone who shares almost all your memories can be really meaningful, and overall, fun to do. Growing up with a twin means you never have to worry about being lonely at home and having a twin brother or sister means always having someone by your side, whether you like it or not. Being a twin is special, and not many people experience life the way twins get to, and I am happy I get the opportunity to do so.