Students, parents and faculty all arrived in the Beck Family Innovation Center (BFIC) at Maclay to observe the AP Art Show, filled with art work that they have been completing all year on Dec. 5, 2022, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The event was organized by senior Design Collaboration students Paloma Rambana, the main curator, and Chari Beamer, the co-curator, in attempts to showcase the talents of Maclay students on campus. 

“It ‘s something that we’ve never done before, and so it was a great opportunity for us to showcase the AP art students and to mark the halfway point,” art teacher Ismael Milligan said. “Get everyone’s work out from their closets and out from the classroom and into the gallery so that the world can, so everyone can see it, and so that they can see it too and kind of be proud of what it is that they do.”

Beamer came up with the idea to create this event in her Honors Design and Collaboration class and co-curated the exhibit alongside Rambana who was the curator of the event, as a cross collaboration with the students in Milligan’s AP art class.

“My favorite part would probably be this today,” Beamer said. “Seeing it all come together after the hanging process and the application process. It’s really fulfilling to see.”

Displayed on the wall in the BFIC were several paintings, drawings and more from each other. Each artist had around two or three pieces shown. Members of the Notes from the Underground were also at the exhibit handing out a previous issue to guests walking through the building. 

“The work on display is coming from the 4A and 3B AP art students that are underneath Mr. Ismael Milligan, who’s the new AP art teacher,” Rambana said.“There’s about 30 students but about 48 works total. So there’s about two to three pieces per student.”

The night was a special one for Beamer and Rambana as they were able to see their hard work paying off after all the time and effort they put into the exhibit. 

“My favorite part is getting to work with the fine arts department and just kind of collaborating there. I just think it is the best thing that we have on campus, the opportunity to create with our students and peers and especially with new teachers and bringing them into Maclay traditions that’ll come in the future, so that is definitely the best part,” Rambana said. “Especially working with Chari because we’ve been here for so long and to be able to have this as like a final hoorah is really really exciting.”

The exhibit will stay up until Feb. 22, 2022, so that guests, students, faculty and parents on campus can view it at any time.