Each year, despite its incredible food and beautiful weather, Thanksgiving becomes more overlooked as people begin to start celebrating Christmas months early. Whether that is by hanging up colorful lights around the house, or by making delicious cookies in the kitchen, Christmas is acknowledged way sooner than it should be. While there is nothing wrong with celebrating the joyful holiday of Christmas, it should not be commercialized early on as it neglects Thanksgiving and all its valuable benefits. 

Spending time with family and friends can be one of the most important values in a person’s life. However, with everyone’s busy schedule, it can be hard trying to find a time when we can see extended family or friends that might have moved far away. Thanksgiving is the one day a year where that is prioritized over anything else. Thanksgiving is meant to bring loved ones together, express our gratitude and to enjoy each other’s presence. During the year, lives are chaotic, and we may forget to tell our friends or family how much they truly mean to us. Thanksgiving gives each person the opportunity to express their gratitude, and love towards people whom we may not be able to tell that to on a daily basis. More importantly, the holiday is all about uniting people together and recognizing our thankfulness to the people in our lives. Thanksgiving is more important than we think, and ignoring the holiday takes away the precious time we are able to spend with the people that we love. 

Not only does Thanksgiving bring out the gratefulness inside of us, but it is also a chance for families to cook and bake all sorts of appealing dishes to have out during the big feast. Since many people look over Thanksgiving, most forget about one of the best parts of the holiday: the food. With cooking the turkey perfectly and setting it on the table along with the mashed potatoes and pecan pie, Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to dig in, and enjoy the food that everyone has spent the whole day making. When we forget about Thanksgiving and move directly to Christmas, not only do we miss out on the amazing food, but we also forget about the true meaning of the holiday, and how special it can be to Americans across the county. 

Although Thanksgiving can be important to some, it might not be important to all. The idea of Christmas makes everyone smile with delight, and it has become normalized to begin decorating right after Halloween ends. While many of us may want to celebrate Christmas for as long as possible, the festive holiday isn’t going anywhere. Speeding up the process of celebrating such a meaningful holiday will not only hurt us moving forward, but it will also cause us to grow tired of the holiday in general and get ‘Festive Burnout’. According to SWNS digital, “Over half of Americans (56 percent) also admit to wanting to take a break from the holidays while they’re in full swing, with the average American saying they feel they need a break ten times throughout the season.” Waiting to put decorations up can prevent holiday burnout and make the Christmas season more special. 

While many of us want to start celebrating Christmas in November, it’s better to wait until Thanksgiving has passed. Thanksgiving teaches us how essential quality time is and gives us an opportunity to see distant relatives whom we often may not get to see. Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas, and society needs to stop idealizing Christmas as being the most important holiday. The holiday makes us consider all the blessings in our lives, which is, arguably, one of the biggest lessons one can learn in a lifetime.