Read Away – Math teacher Mrs. Obrecht, dressed as Charlie Brown wanders around the courtyard on Halloween to inspect what the Maclay Andalusian has published. As he makes his way over to the table, he picks up a newspaper and begins to read. After reading, he makes sure to tell the newspaper staff how much he enjoyed their newest issue feature around bullying prevention and awareness.
Ballers –  Pictured from Left to Right, juniors Lainey Ford, Parker Lambert, Olivia Bastien and Bella Ekk are dressed up for the contest as the basketball team from Grown-Ups. “We thought it would be really funny and original,” Parker Lambert said. “Adam Sandler was definitely our inspiration.” As the group walked through the courtyard, they caught many peoples eyes with their costumes.
104 Days of Summer Vacation – Juniors Venkat Maddipoti, Brad Gerrish, Brinkley Snow and Aiden Merritt entered the annual Halloween contest dressed up as characters from the kids show, “Phineas and Ferb”. “It felt good to win,” junior Brinkley Snow said. The group made it pretty easy for the judges to pick a winner because of their amazing costumes.
Ride or Dies -”The Inflatables” were a very popular group costume this year at the Halloween costume contest. Seniors Caleb Heuchan, Kolton Lawson, Michael Grant, Grayson Oberste, Evan Brown, and sophomore Geroge Grant all dressed up in inflatable animal costumes to enter the contest. Unfortunately, the group fell short and lost to the group of Phineas and Ferb characters.
Halloween Spirit – Maclay students go all out to try and win the first place award in the Halloween costume contest. Many students dress up as their favorite teacher, movie character or even someone they look up to. As the judges get together and discuss the contestants, the tension rises throughout the high school wondering who will take home the title of champion.
Winner! – The winner of this year’s Halloween costume contest (individual) was “Everyone’s Dad”, worn by senior Micah Van Syckle. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a visor and even sunscreen on his nose, the judges made a unanimous decision and awarded him first place.
Super Sidekick – Math teacher, Mr. Eagen and his dog Max dressed up in matching costumes for the faculty costume contest. The duo put up a strong fight for first place, but unfortunately fell short. However they did not let that get in the way of their daily job of fighting crime and teaching pre- calculus.
Jumping for Joy – Upper School math teacher, Mrs. Obrecht, dressed up as Charlie Brown for the faculty costume contest this year. While many of the other teachers had on some amazing costumes, the judges came to their decision and announced Charlie Brown to be the winner of this year’s Halloween costume contest.
Costume Dedication – Junior Bella Dattoli dressed up as one of her favorite movie characters for the Halloween costume contest this year. Her amazing costume and dedication to the character got her third place in the individual section of the contest.
Shake and Bake – Junior Will O’Connor dressed up as Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights on Monday for Halloween. During Homeroom, he enjoyed the Maclay Andalusian release in the courtyard and got to read the newspaper while showing off his festive spirit.