In sports, a new season means new players and sometimes a new coach. To shoot off the new 2022 winter girls basketball season, new head coach Katy Gimbel and her players received their first victory after four prolonged eight minute periods. The Lady Marauders finished the night beating the Wakulla War Eagles 40-28.

On Nov. 15, Maclay went head to head in a brutal basketball match in the Webster gym at 6:00 p.m. The game started off and ended with high intensity within every player. In the first period, Gimbel helped guide her team to pull ahead with vocal and visual signs calling certain formations the girls practiced. The fresh legs and high intensity led to a close first period and Maclay was ahead 11-8. 

“I thought we played really well for the first game,” Gimbel said. “There’s definitely a lot of things we need to improve on, but for having such a young team I thought they did really well.

After a short break and performance from the Maclay cheerleaders, the girls basketball team went back on with even more intensity and aggression. However, Wakulla matched the game tempo and kept the game close going into the half. Maclay finished the second period in the lead still with a score of 17-14.

“It was good,” sophomore Lauren Guyer said. “I feel like I gave opportunities to my teammates to score and I helped on defense.”

Halftime was a 10 minute break and Gimbel led the team to their locker room to give them her tips and tricks as a coach and former Maclay player herself. Fans went to buy drinks and snacks at the concessions while waiting for the game to continue. 

“It was a good team bonding for our first game,” freshman Molly McDonald “I think our whole team did really well with communication and passing.”

Once the third period began, Maclay showed more energy and started to make more shots. The majority of Maclay’s points throughout the night were from free throws due to fouls and the aggression shown from both teams in this period was worrisome. Girls were wrestling on the ground to gain possession of the ball, elbowing each other in the gut and they barely allowed any time to dribble before they pounced on the ball, foul or not. By the end of the period, Maclay pulled ahead with a score of 24-17. 

“My team did well about communicating and we just worked really well as a team,” sophomore Riley Robinton said.

The last period of the night was just as aggressive as the rest.Gimbel was able to keep her team composed with the mass amount of fouls from Wakulla. Because of this, the girls were able to pull even further ahead and make some great combination passes throughout the period. Maclay dominated possession throughout the fourth period and overall seemed more fit to finish the game. Their fitness and composition led them to win their first game of the season 40-28.

SOURCECover Photo by Katelyn Eldred
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