When the holiday season starts to come into fruition, most people set their eyes on one phenomenon: Christmas. Sure, Halloween is still widely celebrated, but the holiday doesn’t even warrant a single day off of school and becomes quickly overshadowed by the anticipation and preparation for Dec. 25. Now that we are in the midst of the spooky season, it’s important to give Halloween the respect it deserves. The frightening culture surrounding Oct. 31 and the traditions that come on the day are what make Halloween special and ultimately underrated. 

With the frightening culture surrounding Halloween comes classic movies, events and history that have helped ingrain fear into people’s minds as soon as October hits. From the holiday’s origin (“All Souls Day”)  to the present, Halloween has held a lingering darkness around it. This darkness has sparked several amazing pop culture staples and events for everyone to enjoy. With classics such as “Halloween” and “The Ghostbusters,” people are reminded of the fun that comes with the holiday while also having nostalgic precedents to reference on a yearly basis. Along with the horror on the big screen, real life events such as “Halloween Horror Nights” have become a big contributor to the fear and fun that makes Halloween an amazing holiday.

Without traditions, holidays would not be whole. Dating all the way back to the 17th century, the iconic tradition known as “Trick-or-Treat” has given people of all ages an excuse to eat as much candy as possible with no regrets. Along with this abundance of sweets comes the millions of different costumes that everyone has the opportunity to wear. These costumes not only can be whatever you desire, but also give people a way to express themselves in multiple ways free of judgment. Outside of “Trick-or-Treat,” those who celebrate Halloween may also buy their own pumpkin(s), which has the fun-filled versatility to be carved, eaten or just left alone for a nice decoration. However, out of all of these traditions, haunted houses are the epitome of spooky season fun. Entering these houses give you and your friends a chill that will be remembered forever and allow for wild spikes of emotion that can’t be replicated.

Although Halloween is no doubt an underappreciated holiday, it is true that Christmas and Thanksgiving are bigger and better holidays. Around 95% of the United States celebrates Christmas, while around 65% of the United States celebrates Halloween. Also, Thanksgiving vacation and Christmas’ joy is just too much of a plus for Halloween to counter. However, just because Christmas and Thanksgiving are more widely celebrated holidays, it does not mean we have the right to dismiss Halloween as a whole. 

Halloween is so often overshadowed by the anticipation of other holidays, but celebrating all of them at once allows for all of us to have optimal enjoyment. With its deep history combined with iconic traditions, there is no reason for Halloween to be as underrated as it is.