Everyone has their own opinions, beliefs and viewpoints, but some are more widely shared than others. The flip side of these popular beliefs have more value and truth than most people think. Here are five popular unpopular opinions that just might change your mind.

You don’t need a college degree to be successful

The societal importance of getting a degree stems from colonial America when only wealthy individuals were able to attend college which created prestige and social status for people who attended. In modern times, as college gets more expensive and acceptance rates decrease, the race to get into college is more intense than ever. However, with careers that stem from social media becoming more frequent and the need for technical careers increasing, more opportunities are available for people to be successful, or financially stable. New careers that don’t require a degree are more appealing to the masses since they’re more accessible and don’t leave people in debt.

Pineapple on pizza is good

Far from the traditional toppings of pizza, pineapple causes a stir amongst pizza lovers and haters alike. The number one complaint by people who dislike pineapple on pizza is that it just doesn’t belong there for a multitude of reasons, all of which include: the pineapple is too juicy, the taste, the texture and the fact that it is too untraditional. However, pineapple aids digestion, has vitamin C and satisfies a sweet tooth, which makes it great nutritionally and adds a sweet and savory component.

Walking for exercise is better than running

Both popular forms of exercise, running and walking are great forms of cardio. Both can be practiced with a friend or practiced outdoors. Running is usually the most practiced exercise since it burns more calories per minute, so people don’t have to exercise as long to reach their goals. However, walking is less vigorous on the body than running, both forms of exercise have the same chance of lowering the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. 

Calls are better than texts

People enjoy texting because they like to be able to think about what they are saying before they respond and answer at a convenient time. However, relying too much on texting, no matter how convenient, takes away from the social skills that people need. When people call instead of texting they hear each other’s voices and hear their tones to better understand the person, which is an important skill to have.

Money can buy happiness

Money can’t make a person happy, but it can certainly help. Causes of unhappiness stem from tiredness, stress and loneliness and all three factors can be helped with money to some extent. Money provides a form of stability and comfort in a person’s life knowing that they don’t have to stress about living off of paycheck to paycheck.