“I am going death con three on Jewish people,” Ye formerly known as Kanye West terrifyingly tweeted on Oct. 8. Even more terrifying is that the tweet has since gone viral. Ye has had a history of being controversial and starting unnecessary drama. He has taken it too far once again by making death threats to the entire Jewish population.

Ye has always had a deep hatred of the Jews and has been praising his idol, Adolf Hitler, for years. It is disgusting to think that a person who has such a big influence on the population could admit to worshiping a mass murderer who killed six million Jews in the Holocaust. In addition, Ye originally wanted to name his 2018 album “Hitler” but had changed it to “Ye”’ before it was released. He even went as far as telling people that he loved reading the book “Mein Kampf,” a book written by Hitler in 1925, because he admired how Hitler and the Nazi party were able to use propaganda to their benefit. These are only a few of the horrible anti-semitic statements Ye has made, and he must be stopped. What people do not understand is that these comments have a major effect on others because of Ye’s gigantic platform. On Oct. 22, an anti-semitic group called Goyim Defense League held posters above Interstate 405 stating “Honk if you know” and “Kanye is right about the Jews.” People now believe that they are allowed to voice any anti-semitic statements they want because a well known celebrity stated them. He has opened the floodgates for anti-semitism. People need to fully understand the consequences of Ye’s statement and realize that this is not a joke; it puts the 14.8 million Jews in the world in danger. 

“The thing about it being Adidas — I can say anti-semitic things and Adidas can’t drop me. Now what?” A video was leaked of Ye gloating, which really shows his aloofness. Now he has been dropped by many brands and companies such as Adidas, Balenciaga, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Cohen Clair Lans Greifer Thorpe & Rottenstreich, Foot Locker, Gap, JPMorgan Chase, MRC and the United Talent Agency. Even though this happened, Ye still is not fazed and does not regret his decision to post his comment. He recently stated that he lost two billion dollars, and he is still alive, meaning he is thrilled to be getting so much attention. Ye only seeks fame and drama. He wants everyone to know his name, and he doesn’t care if it is known for a bad reason. This is a horrible way to live life, and Ye should feel ashamed of himself that he could laugh about threatening the demise of an entire religion. 

There are some who feel compassion toward Ye because he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They say that the reason Ye starts this drama and states these anti-semitic comments are because of his mental health issues. Even though this may be true, it does not excuse him from the fact he made death threats to the Jews and this hatred towards the Jews has been fueling over the years. Just because someone has a mental issue, it is not an excuse to go around posting the first thing that comes to mind with no remorse for the consequences that may come. If Ye is healthy enough to build a billion dollar empire, he should definitely understand the power of his words. The consequences that Ye will endure will never be severe enough for the horrible comments he has made. Hopefully, Ye’s comments will bring awareness to the issue of anti-semitism, the exact opposite of Ye’s goal.