Fan Tunnel Maclay students, swimmers and parents line up along the side of the pool with big heads and pool noodles to cheer on the seniors as they walk through. While the seniors are walking, the crowd cheers and wishes them luck for their last Maclay home swim meet. As the seniors walk through the crowd, many emotions surround them such as joy as they have made it through all four years of high school. In addition to this joy, even sadness is shown because it may be the last time they swim at Maclay.

Special Night – Senior swimmer Meg Howell is joined by her mother and father on her senior night. As both parents walked her down the side of the pool to celebrate the special night they could not take their eyes off of her. Howell’s mother and father were both so excited and proud of all of her accomplishments and how far she had come.

Senior Night Special – Senior swimmer Michael Laudadio is joined by his mother and father on his swim senior night. As they all walk alongside the pool, they stop and take pictures, and listen to the amazing things Laudadio’s coaches have to say about him.

Walk of Fame – Junior Bella Ekk leads senior swimmer Shelby Pautsch into the fan tunnel created by students and teammates. As Pautsch continues to walk she is met with huge smiles from the people she values most in her life. At the end of the fan tunnel Pautsch is joined with her parents as the announcer gives the crowd a little back story of what made her who she is today.

Maclay vs. Chiles – Maclay competes against Chiles Wednesday night at Maclay for senior night. As warm ups begin, student athletes and parents begin to fill the bleachers and the space around the pool. The pool area continues to get louder and louder as more people start to cheer for their friends and family members swimming.

Only Smiles – Senior swimmer Micah Van Syckle walks arm in arm with his mother and father by his side on his senior night. Students and teammates cheer him on and chant his name as they walk alongside the pool.

Diving into Wednesday Like…Senior Shelby Pautsch pushes strongly off the block into the Maclay pool. This is Pautsch’s first race of the night competing against Chiles High School.

Going for Gold – Hard work and practice does pay off. Senior Shelby Pautsch goes on to win the butterfly for Maclay on their senior night.

Hard work and Preparation – Senior Meg Howell stares into the pool and prepares herself for the race. While preparing herself she remembers all of the amazing memories and hard work that lead her to this point. Meg’s teammates line up along the pool edge and cheer her on and encourage her moments before her race. 

Hitting the Home Stretch – Senior Michael Laudadio is flying down the lane in the pool as he battles it out with Chiles High School swimmers. Wanting to bring home the win for Maclay on senior night, he pushes hard for the win.