Walk of Fame  – The Maclay football team walks through the parade greeting every student they pass. As they all walk past the Pre-K and the Lower School playground, young students reach their hands out to try and receive as many high fives as they can. While walking, the football players also make sure they tell everyone to come out to their game that Friday night against FAMU.
Knowledgeable Alumni  – The Maclay Alumni paraded through the Homecoming Parade on trailers. While making their way around the school, all of the teachers and parents were able to catch up and talk about old memories on campus.
Riding In Style – Seniors Grayson Oberste and Grace Reicheldefer ride through the homecoming parade together in style. They wave to and greet every member of the crowd as they pass by. The duo thinks about whether or not they would be crowned homecoming king and queen at the football game.
Give Me An ‘H’! – Junior Ava Duke shows her school spirit at the pep rally while flying high during a cheer stunt. Duke and the Varsity Cheer Team perform their “MHS” stunt to end homecoming week on a strong note. While standing tall, she encourages the rest of the school to join her and show some school spirit.
Last Hoco Pep Rally – The senior class gets together one last time for their final homecoming pep rally. While sitting down on the bleachers, many of them begin to think back to all the memories they have made during these years of pep rallies. Back to when they sat on the other side of the gym and always wanted to be chosen for a game or when they would scream as loud as they could to make sure they won the ‘blue vs. white’ chant.
Introductions – Senior Oakley Deison welcomes everyone to the pep rally. While all of the students and teachers are getting settled, he begins by introducing the first group of people out onto the floor. He leads the rest of the pep rally alongside sophomore John Fletcher Butler.
Helping New Students – Maclay Student Ambassadors got to walk in the homecoming parade. Throughout the years, student ambassadors have connected with new students during the summer to help them create new friendships. They also help the new students get comfortable at Maclay quickly as possible. They hold their banner and walk through the parade to show their school spirit.
All Together  – Sophomores and freshmen gather together in the Webster to watch the homecoming pep rally events. Students enjoy watching the games and dances performed by their fellow peers, increasing their excitement for homecoming week.
Faculty vs. Students – One of the fun games during the pep rally involved students and teachers from all areas of the school. Maclay students lined up across the gym floor and attempted to move a football down the gym floor while only using their feet. As they raced the teachers down the floor the teachers gave themselves an early lead and ended up winning the game.
Come and Support  – Cross Country captain Clayton Knox speaks for his team at the pep rally. He informed everyone of the amazing season that both the boys and girls team have had. He also announced when their next few meets would be and asked people to come out and support.