Starting Strong – Senior quarterback, Michael Grant starts the game off strong. Passing off the ball to his teammate Eli Harrell, he sets them up for success. They follow the path and make their way down the field in hopes to score a marauder touchdown.
Pretty In Pink – The Maclay Marauders line up in their defensive formation. Ready for the play to start, each have their eyes on the Chipley quarterback and offensive line. The players are wearing pink socks for their game against Chipley in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Hawk Eyes – Scanning up and down the field for an open receiver, senior quarterback, Michael Grant, is forced to scramble with the ball and fight for a few yards up the field. In hopes to escape Chipley’s defensive player, Grant holds the ball tight and takes off. 
Precision is Key – At fourth down, the team makes the ultimate decision to punt the ball. Senior kicker, Michael Smith lines up and prepares for his kick. As he receives the ball, all he can think about is driving the ball to the exact spot his coach asked.
A Marauder First Down – Maclay’s offensive line charges at the Chipley defense to create a hole for Maclay’s running back. The linemen are successful as they allow the running back to get a marauder first down. 
No Where to Run – After gaining multiple valuable yards, number 24, senior Shane Croston runs into a wall of Chipley defenders. He must fight through them in order to get this first down. With the help of his teammates, he is able to gain a couple more yards.
Flying High – The Maclay Varsity Cheer team fly’s high through the air performing straight up stunts. Dressed out in pink, similar to the football team, they support the month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This team works all night in order to ensure the Maclay student and parent section are involved and excited for the close scoring game.
Ready, Set, Kick! – Senior kicker, Michael Smith punts the ball down field after a stalled offensive drive. While kicking, he hopes to pin the Chipley defenders deep into the other side of the field. This kick resulted in great success.
The Escape – The Maclay Marauders light feet and quick footwork help them get around defenders and avoid being tackled. As senior quarterback Michael Grant runs down the field with the ball, he is quick on his feet and is able to beat the Chipley defender resulting in a few extra yards for the Marauders.