Early Morning Test – Every other day I start my A-Days with Honors Algebra two. Last Tuesday, my math class had a test on the past two units we had learned. As everyone in the class is silently working hard to get through all the problems, Algebra two teacher Mrs. Obrecht sits at her desk awaiting any students with questions.

Cool Crickets – As I head to my second class of the day, Brain and Behavior, we had a fun lab involving crickets. During class we took a cricket’s leg and stuck electrodes in it. While doing this, the electrodes were connected to a machine that allowed us to view the electric waves.

Announcements From the Voice of Maclay – The next “class” I have is homeroom. On A-Days, homeroom is normally short and quick. Once everyone gets into class and the bell rings John Fletcher’s voice is projected through the high school to tell everyone the daily announcements. 

The Extra Kick – Throughout the day many students including myself stop by TruBru to see what food, snacks and drinks they have to offer. A new drink called “Bubbl’r” catches my attention. When I take a closer look I discover that it has a little bit of caffeine in it that should hopefully get me though the rest of the day.

Talking Time – After we get out of homeroom, every student gets a thirty minute break referred to as ‘office hours’. During these thirty minutes, most students take the time to catch up with their friends. However, others use the time for its intended use and go speak with teachers and get caught up in their classes. 

Short Break – Another one of my favorite times during the school day are the breaks that we get in between classes. During these breaks, my friends and I love to hang out, talk about classes and even where we all want to go for lunch. We sometimes also use this time to get started on homework for the rest of the week or just sit and soak in the sun.

Conference and Comments – After what feels like an eternity of ‘office hours’, the bell finally rings and it is time for me to go to AP Lang. On Tuesday we were given the opportunity to work on our autoethnographies as well as conference with other students and ask what their thoughts were on our essays. During class, our teacher Mr. Norment handed back our Unit 2 Essays with lots of comments and suggestions for next time.

Finally Lunch Time – When the bell rings at 1:00pm, every junior and senior rush out of class in an attempt to beat the traffic. I picked up a sandwich at the local Jimmy Johns before returning back to school. At this point in the year, many of us know that the only way to make it back to class in time is by pre-ordering food and to eat in the car.

Last Class of the Day – At last, the final class of the day, Newspaper. Tuesday was a weird day for all of us because we had to budget for the next week, four days before we normally would. After we finished the budget I got to sit down and pick what events I wanted to attend and take pictures of for the next few weeks.

Preparation for Practice – After a long day of school, I get to go play volleyball with some of my best friends. On the way to practice I mentally prepare myself for practice and slowly start to decompress. As I make my way to the locker room I run into a lot of my teammates and we talk about how we think practice is going to go after our game on Monday.