On Oct.14, the Maclay Marauders headed over to Quincy to play a game of varsity football against the Munroe Bobcats. As the game went on, the Bobcats dominated the scoreboard. The final game score was 42-0 with Munroe taking a convincing win.

As the 12 minute countdown began, the Marauders started the game off with the ball. Throughout the first quarter each team struggled to find the endzone. The Marauder defense was able to stop the Bobcats from scoring and vice versa. When the quarter came to an end the score was 0-0.

A few minutes into the second quarter, sophomore wide receiver Nash Beshears fumbled the ball. Although the Marauders turned it over, they were able to get the ball right back. Throughout the second quarter Maclay did not score due to the tough Bobcats defense. However, the Bobcats were able to score two touchdowns within the last five minutes of the quarter. Before the quarter ended, the Marauders had a chance to get three points but missed the kick. At the end of the quarter, the score was 14-0 with the Bobcats in the lead. 

“We were playing good in the first half and were playing good defense but we could not do much on offense so we got very tired and they took over,” Beshears said. 

After the teams received the halftime motivation and plan from the coaches they came back on the field. Once the third quarter commenced, senior cornerback Grayson Oberste was able to intercept the ball for the Marauders. With this opportunity Maclay wasn’t able to get any points up on the scoreboard. On the other hand, the Bobcats scored two more touchdowns throughout the quarter. The third quarter ended with a score of 28-0 and the Munroe Bobcats were creating a big lead. 

“We have to practice better throughout the week and have a game plan and watch more film,” Oberste said. 

The fourth quarter had begun and the Bobcat defense did not let the ball touch their endzone. Oberste was able to get the Marauders another interception, but the offense once again could not capitalize on the opportunity. Munroe scored two more touchdowns on the Marauders before the game came to an end. There was another chance for the Marauders to kick a field goal and once again it was missed. The clock was running down and while the Munroe Bobcats scored 43 points, the Marauders still had no points to end the game 43-0.

“It was a bad week of preparation and you know we didn’t do what we couldn’t do offensively,” head coach Jason Cauley said. “I think everytime Michael took the snap within .5 seconds someone was in his face. We had no room to run the ball at all and that left us trying to be one dimensional and we can’t just do that against a really good team.”