To start off the “spooky season” of October, psychology teacher, Daijah Washington is doing an Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal and Ghost story project with her class. In honor of the month of October rolling around, her classes have been strolling around Maclay to hear a variety of scary ghost stories that have taken place here on Maclay’s Campus. 

Washington kicked off this new project starting in the beginning of October to get into the Halloween spirit. She gained the inspiration for this project when she was a student in highschool. Throughout the project, Extra Sensory Perception is the main idea the students are focusing on and learning about. They have explored, gone around the campus and interviewed the teachers to hear what scary stories they have to share. All psychology students are collecting data and are learning new terminology that they can apply to the reality of life. 

“I think my favorite part is watching the kids get kind of into it,” Washington said. “A lot of them are kind of too cool for school type kids and so watching them go around and asking people if they believe in ghosts has been pretty entertaining,” 

Instead of sitting inside the classroom and googling different scary stories, they are getting to go outside of the classroom and gain the information in many ways. Asking a variety of faculty such as the lower school teachers, janitors and security guards, the students hope to hear many different stories. The classes will gather all their information and put it into a documentary, sharing the scary stories their teachers have shared with them. Students have found out that some teachers claim they believe in ghosts and some say they do not. 

“I have not heard about anything too crazy yet but I have heard that a ghost has worked out in the weightroom before from Bella Evans,” sophomore Collins Barton said.

While ghosts may or may not be real, Washington’s class has gotten to experience this hands-on project and come to find why people believe or do not believe in spirits. The next time you are taking a walk around the campus, pay extra attention because there may or may not be a ghost surrounding you. 

“There is definitely another presence out there other than just us,” sophomore Emery Redrupp said.