The latest Star Wars phenomenon, “Andor,” brought excitement and joy to Disney + with weekly episode releases. “Andor” first became public to viewers on Sept. 21 with an instant three-episode release, and now this 12-episode show currently has nine available episodes to watch. This show is not one to scroll over because every single detail about it is discrete and has a purpose. “Andor” is one of the best Star Wars shows created so far along with its contender, “The Mandalorian.”

The detail Disney and the creator Tony Gilroy have put into the show is remarkable. The first couple of episodes are slow compared to the rest, but that is because it provides the necessary background to understand the rest of the story. However, the first episodes were released in a pair of three to allow viewers to receive the background and cliffhangers to attract viewers to continue watching the show. 

The plot throughout all nine episodes is unlike any other show. Viewers are able to witness the creation of the rebellion, which is unprecedented in any Star Wars film until now. Gilroy provides an interesting aspect to viewers by allowing them to see the insides of the Galactic Empire and how their commanders operate without the influence of characters like Darth Vadar in the movies. This insight emphasizes the necessity for rebellion which viewers start to see more and more throughout each episode. The development from each episode to the next is critical. Gilroy does an outstanding job of building a connection that engages viewers to be invested into the creation of this rebellion, and show empathy for the sacrifices made in order to become stronger. Finally, in this development of the nine episodes so far, Gilroy does an amazing job of connecting the storyline of the show to the storyline of the movies between events and characters. 

The entire show is made for the sole purpose of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and how he has an effect in the movie “Rogue One,” and Cassian’s development as a character so far is marvelous. He goes from a guy searching for his sister and living a poor life to being pulled into this rebel scheme that completely changes his life and character. In each episode, Cassian faces challenges that turn him more into the capable, unscared rebel viewers see in the movie. Being able to watch him change into a guy that had no idea what his purpose was to figuring it out and turning into one of the most important rebels in Star Wars history is intriguing, entertaining and exhilarating. 

In order for character development to be excellent, there also has to be a superior acting performance. Moreover, the acting skills Luna has is exquisite. As his character develops, he is able to show each emotion in such detail that makes the viewer feel like they are actually with him. Whether it’s the drive to find his sister, the quick decision made in order to survive or the fear of being caught by the Empire, Luna accentuates his emotions beautifully. Without the acting skills of Luna the character development would have been much worse. 

“Andor” is a must watch show, especially before watching the movie “Rogue One.” Being able to see the creation of the rebellion and one of the best rebels is exciting, and it was produced extremely well.

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SOURCECover Photo Courtesy of Daniel K Cheung on Unsplash
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