On Sept. 19, a Tuesday night in the Webster Gym at Maclay School, the Maclay varsity volleyball team played against the Lincoln Trojans. While Lincoln won the first two sets, Maclay won the third set by just two points. The fourth set of the night was won by the Trojans which led them home with a win and a final score of 3-1.  

As the teams stepped foot on the court, the crowd was rolling in with their Hawaiian gear on. Sophomore John Fletcher, the announcer of the game, called out each player’s name before the game started. This was the Marauders ninth game of the season and their third loss. In the first few minutes of the game, the Trojans put up multiple points before the Marauders could even score their second point of the set. When the first set came to an end, the Trojans won with a score of  25 to the Marauders’ 19.

“I feel like we played pretty well, we just didn’t fully execute as a team,” junior Abbie Hartmann said.

When the teams got back on the court from their two minute break, the ball was back in the air and Lincoln was continuing to increase their score. With Maclay on their heels, senior Olivia Greenberg was able to get under the ball and spike it over the net to give the Marauders momentum. Maclay’s momentum ultimately wasn’t enough as the final score for the second set was 25-15 in Lincoln’s favor.

“I feel that we performed well but we did not have our entire team with us so next time when we have everyone we can definitely be elite again,” junior Brooke Nohle said.

The intensity and energy heading into the third set was high. The Marauders came out crushing the Trojans. They were blocking the ball one play and spiking it the next. With all of the momentum switching to Maclay’s side, the Marauders took the third set with a final score of 25-23. 

“I think that moving forward they need to maybe work together as a team more and it is going to be essential as we get a little bit deeper into our season ,” head coach Daijah Washington said. “Yesterday I was very impressed with them for not giving up, despite being down.”

It was getting late at night and the fourth set of the night was in the Trojans’ favor. Lincoln ended up winning their third set of the game and came out of the Webster gym victorious. The Marauders’ loss brings their record to 6-3.