All that could be heard was the chant “Wolfpack” as the Chiles Timberwolves scored point after point. 

The Maclay Marauders student section did not let their girls volleyball team down for the biggest rivalry game of the season. They filled the student section in all black as Chiles and Maclay warmed up. Moreover, Chiles filled the opposite side of the Webster Gymnasium in all white to fulfill the theme. On Sept. 13, Maclay served to begin one of their toughest volleyball games of the season. The game ended with Chiles winning in three straight sets. 

Sophomore Landri Ross began the game for Maclay. The Marauders had a slow start as the Timberwolves took an early lead at 9-3. However, head coach Daijah Washington called a timeout that helped put the Marauders back in the game. The screams from fans of both teams echoed around the gym as peers could hear chants such as “TCC,” “daddy’s money” and “scoreboard”. 

“The game was hype,” senior Dylan Stein said. “The energy is always through the roof whenever we play Chiles.”

After the timeout Maclay caught back up and caused Chiles to call a timeout while ahead by one point. Once the timeout finished, Maclay took the lead for the first time of the night with the score being 12-10. They were not able to uphold the lead because Chiles took a five point lead at 18-13. Maclay called their second timeout and once again it was effective because they closed the lead to a three point game with Chiles barely ahead at 23-20. Maclay’s efforts were not enough as Chiles won the first set 25-22. 

“I thought that the first set we played very well,” Washington said. “I was very proud of them and even went as far to tell them so, but I think that we lost focus. We were more concerned on other things instead of our performance as a team and that ultimately cost us the match.” 

Chiles started the game with a serve on the second set. Although Chiles served, Maclay took the early lead and maintained it until both teams got into the double digits. After a very close first set, Maclay was not able to maintain their pace. The Marauders fell short in the second set and lost 25-17.

“I think we could have played a lot better, but I still think we played a good game,” senior Rivers Bond said. “We were missing a starter so that was hard for us in the beginning, but I think overall we played good to not have all our team there.”

Maclay’s crowd grew quiet as Chiles’s crowd grew louder. Maclay scored the first four points of the third set, but once again, lost the lead. Chiles dominated the rest of the night and won the third and final set 25-15. The Chiles Timberwolves took the clean sweep and beat the Maclay Marauders in only three sets.

SOURCECover Photo by RJ Hosay
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