It is the time of year where freshmen are finally starting to settle in and seniors have begun their application process to college. Thus being said, Maclay’s long time resume builder and college application program has finally been archived. Naviance has been a huge help to a multitude of seniors, however, the new program MaiaLearning offers much more to students, teachers and college counselors. Ultimately, Naviance is an atrocious program compared to MaiaLearning. 

For the past three years of my high school career, Maclay has used Naviance and I definitely thought the switch to MaiaLearning would have been a drastic mistake. To my surprise, MaiaLearning was a major upgrade from Naviance and a life change as I am now applying to colleges. The resources MaiaLearning offers for just the students is significantly more than Naviance. Both have the resources of being able to research universities, build resumes, look at transcripts, test scores and take personalized tests to figure out self interests. Although they might offer a lot of the same resources, MaiaLearning has a more navigable and easier process of utilizing those resources. Overall, MaiaLearning surpasses Naviance in the fact I am able to see when I need to apply for potential colleges. MaiaLearning has a personalized calendar to the colleges you are applying to because it connects to your Common App account. Besides the calendar, it also shows me what essays I need to write for each college. As a senior, MaiaLearning has been more efficient and suitable to the college application process than Naviance. 

“MaiaLearning to me seems like it’s a little more user friendly than Naviance,” science teacher Ariel Evans said. “I am just now getting in requests for letters of recommendation and I am finding the process as I look at it on MaiaLearning to be a little more straightforward than what I saw on Naviance.”

Not only does MaiaLearning improve the life of seniors such as myself, it also helps teachers. Students are able to request recommendation letters for both Naviance and MaiaLearning. However, MaiaLearning makes teacher life easier because it allows the student to upload a “brag” sheet that teachers can use to help write the letter.  Not only can the students upload the “brag” sheet to help the teachers, they can also upload a due date which notifies the teacher and helps keep both the student and teacher on schedule. Besides teachers, MaiaLearning is also a major upgrade for college counselors Matthew Cave and Daron Gallina.

“When we started using Naviance five years ago it was because it was the only one like that on the market,” Cave said. “We knew that we wanted to explore all the other options before we made the decision to renew with Naviance or do what many other schools around the country had done. We ultimately landed with the decision that MaiaLearning was the one that we wanted to use. It is more user friendly. It is more appealing. I did a test with a handful of students and they all said it was easier to use.”

Since MaiaLearning is connected to the Common App of each individual senior, it allows Gallina and Cave to see what college seniors are interested in and where they are applying. This direct connection between MaiaLearning and Common App allows college counselors to give seniors better guidance and tips to get into their target school. Although it may seem perfect, MaiaLearning has one flaw.

When it comes to efficiency MaiaLearning has everything nailed down except for the login process. This is the only feature Naviance is better in. Seniors will have to try multiple attempts to log into MaiaLearning through Microsoft but for some reason it will not load the first few times. Naviance has an excellent single sign-on process. Moreover, once successfully logged into MaiaLearning the resources are too marvelous to pass up compared to Naviances unnavigable and limited website. 

Every single high school needs to get a MaiaLearning account because it makes the college application process much easier. It is a monstrous advantage to have MaiaLeaning’s resources by your side as you apply to college.

SOURCECover Photo By Katelyn Eldred
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