On Sept. 9, a usual Friday night at Frank Shaw Field, the Marauder Varsity football team was attacked by the John Paul II (JPII) Panthers. Despite the rain, the crowd stayed and cheered for their teams. The two Leon County teams were able to finish their game through the muggy weather and the final game score was 39-0, JPII won.

As the Marauders started with the ball, senior wide receiver Caleb Heuchan got a first down five minutes into the game. As the Marauders turned it over on downs, the JPII Panthers quickly received the ball back and scored their first touchdown of the night. The rain was still pouring down and by the end of the first quarter the score was 6-0 with the Panthers in the lead. 

“We are going to stay more focused in practice, watch more film and just be better overall,” senior quarterback Michael Grant said.

With JPII just six points ahead of the Marauders, they scored a touchdown to extend the lead as soon as the second quarter started. The Marauder offense did not have a lot of control of the ball in this game. The Panthers continued putting up points on the scoreboard. As Maclay was given another possession before the end of the half, senior wide receiver Grayson Oberste caught a first down with two minutes left . Maclay was not able to capitalize and the score by half time concluded 26-0 with the Panthers in a comfortable lead. 

“I definitely did not play my best,” senior linebacker Eli Harrell said. “I had some stupid mistakes that affected how I played and the weather wasn’t great either. 

As the second half began, the Marauders did not bounce back from their first half struggles. Maclay continued to have short possessions as the ball went back and forth between the two teams. As the Marauders still failed to put points up on the board and the Panthers continued their dominance, the third quarter ended with a final score of 39-0.

“My first game at Maclay was so fun,” senior Orie White said. “I love how Maclay is such a family school and all the parents show out. Even though it was raining, we all made the best of it and I had good friends with me that made it super fun.”

As the game was coming to an end, no points were scored by either team in the final quarter.  The night ended with a final score of 39-0 with the Panthers taking home a win. Maclay now has a record of one win, two losses and will face off against Walton on Sept. 16 in an away game.