Smiles All Around – Officer Whitaker and his family enjoy the free donuts and coffee at Donuts for Dads. As the family walks around, they stop and chat with old friends and even make new ones.

Donuts Now, Work Later – Lower school families gather together early in the morning to sit down and enjoy their donuts. Even as students fill their bellies with donuts and apple juice they make sure their parents are having a good time before they have to go to work.

Coffee or Apple Juice? – Families that attend Donuts for Dads have a selection of many different drinks to pair with their yummy donuts. As many students decide between apple juice or water, the dads go straight for the coffee.

So Many Choices – Students take their time carefully selecting which donut they want for breakfast. Some go straight in for the chocolate as others look around and try something new.

Drumming for Donuts – Students enjoyed the musical instruments near the oak tree after eating their donuts. They would both play all day, however, they must wrap up their fun and head to class.

Donut Line Chatter – As lines started to form in front of the Beck Family Innovation Center around 7:45 Friday morning, many parents and children waited patiently in line for their donuts and coffee. The crowds only got bigger when people found out the donuts were from the Donut Kingdom. 

Donuts are not Just for the Dads – The chocolate donuts were a hit at Donuts for Dads. As many kids saw them laid out on the table they made sure to grab one and put it on their plate. 

Enjoying Nature – Later in the morning more and more families showed up to enjoy the fun! As places to sit become scarce, students think outside the box and find some seats on nature.

Guy Talk – Dads catch up over a donut and coffee before heading to work. As both dads enjoy the wonderful Maclay campus they are able to take in the scenery and relax before leaving. 

Smile for the Donuts! – Two students face off in a staring contest while taking a break from their donuts. Their main goal is to try and resist the urge to take another bite of their donuts. Not being able to contain their excitement both students quickly break out into laughter and finish off their donuts.