For most students studying is a practice typically considered incredibly boring. That dreadful feeling of sitting in awkward silence reading over the same material till you ultimately give up is something everyone hates. However, studying doesn’t always have to be this awful. Incorporating calming music into your daily study routine can go a long way. Throughout recent years there have been many arguments about whether studying with music is beneficial or just simply distracting. Studies have shown music helps with reducing stress, improving motivation and making studying more enjoyable. Background music is great for improving students’ focus on the tasks ahead. 

Music is a key factor in motivating people to complete their work to the best of their abilities. According to Charles Sturt University, music can cause your brain to release a chemical that regulates this strong level of motivation. Music itself has a large effect on the brain, causing different hormones to be released. It engages with parts of the body’s sympathetic system and releases a variety of nerves. Music is a great advantage to have when you’re in need of a little motivation to get school work completed.

Studying for long periods of time is something that tends to put people in a slump, but the use of music is one thing that can help prevent people from entering that phase. Fun beats and tunes are great for improving someone’s mood when studying. The University of Wollongong Australia stated that listening to music improved test scores, however, it was later discovered that the music just put the students in a better mood, causing them to excel on the test. Being in this joyous mood while studying proves easier for people to put in full effort and more attention to their work. 

In addition to being simply enjoyable, listening to music has been shown to help memorize and retain information better. As reported by Florida National University, when music stimulates, a hormone that benefits memorization is triggered, improving this skill. Music activates both the right and left sides of the brain. When both these sides are activated at the same time, it causes the body to be in a maximum learning state which works to improve your memory. 

Many students do consider music to be distracting when trying to focus. Some find they work less effectively because they are too focused on singing the lyrics to a song or tapping along to the beat.  Sometimes it’s hard to drown out the words and lyrics of the music when you are working on something important. However, there are many songs out there that do not have lyrics and their sole purpose is for focusing and studying. Nonlyrical music is great for people who have trouble focusing but still want all the effects music has to offer. 

If this is the case for you, there are plenty of other song choices that can be played while not becoming distracting. Few people truly enjoy studying, but adding some fun tunes along with it can help people to have more fun. Listening to music while studying gives you all the right motivation and focus you need to ace that upcoming test.