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After a slew of disappointing horror films, movie fans were stoked for the Sep. 9 release of “Barbarian”. With its enticing trailer, this movie looked sure to provide the scare people have been waiting for. When the release finally came around, “Barbarian” far exceeded its already high expectations through its creative plot, its terrifying scare factor and its high quality of acting.

Typically, horror movies have terrible plots: they are often filled with plot holes and lack creativity. This could not have been further from the truth in the case of “Barbarian”. “Barbarian’s” plot was brilliant; in the beginning of the film, Tess Marshall (Georgina Campbell) arrives at her Airbnb and soon discovers she is not alone. Marshall, persuaded by her unexpected company, Keith (BIll Skarsgård), decides to spend the night, kicking off her journey of nightmares. As the film continues, Marshall discovers that Keith was not the only unexpected person in the house; rather, there are far more sinister beings lurking within. As these devious beings begin to take their toll on the two protagonists, viewers are thrust into a world of treachery, betrayal and horror. What separates “Barbarian’s” plot from the rest of the crowd is its sheer creativity and its lack of any noticeable plot holes: two common plagues to most films of the same genre. Where many horror movies fail, “Barbarian’s” plot is one of its strongest assets, making this a film to remember.

“Barbarian’s” incredible plot allowed it to be a true horror sensation. The scare factor stems from the ground up: its setting, a house in  rural Detroit provides an already ominous backdrop. As the film progresses, viewers uncover dark secrets and face jump scares around every corner, discovering new villains and hidden areas to explore. Additionally, what makes this movie even scarier is that it is completely plausible; while most horror movies are rooted in the supernatural, everything that happens in “Barbarian” is entirely possible. For any moviegoers looking for a great scare, “Barbarian” will be sure to please. 

Another aspect where “Barbarian” excelled was its high quality of acting. Going in, viewers weren’t sure what to expect, as the film only had one true superstar, Skarsgård. Thankfully, viewers ended up being pleasantly surprised;not only did Skarsgård have a strong showing, but Campbell and Justin Long did too. It was obvious that Campbell and Long spent a lot of time preparing for their roles as each delivered every line in a compelling and heartfelt manner. All in all, the performances of the film’s main trio elevated the movie’s awesome plot, and allowed viewers to connect to the characters, an achievement typically not possible in horror films. 

It’s safe to say “Barbarian” is one of the best horror movies in recent times. With its un-genre-like creative plot, its terrifyingly high scare factor and its exceptional quality of acting, “Barbarian” excels where most horror movies seem to fall short. For anyone looking for a good scare, or even just a good movie, “Barbarian” is a must watch. Be advised, it is recommended to watch this film in a movie theater for the best viewing experience.

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