Busy inside and outside of school, Maria Teresa Morgado partakes in an extensive list of activities that always keeps her on the go. Between juggling Multicultural Awareness Club (MAC) and Key Club at school and being the Chair of Student United Way outside of the classroom, her list of achievements continues to grow. As the upper school’s newly elected 2022-2023 Student Council President, she has even more duties coming her way. Despite her deep commitment to the school, the junior only began her time at Maclay three years ago. 

Morgado first came to Maclay in 2019. She had previously attended Cornerstone Learning Community for eight years before becoming a part of the Maclay community as a high school freshman. Though she was new to the school, she was able to adapt relatively quickly. 

“I had gone [ to Cornerstone Learning Community] all through elementary and middle school, so it was definitely a big change for me coming to this new school,” Morgado said.

Coming during her freshman year offered a somewhat smoother transition for Morgado, as there were many other new students that joined her on the journey of entering high school. Although she had come from a smaller school than Maclay, she was quick to become a productive member of the Marauder community. 

“I came to Maclay in ninth grade to start high school, and I didn’t really know anybody, but the teachers were super supportive,” Morgado said. “I instantly fit in and I started making friends. It was so nice to have this small environment that really did feel like a family for any new students here.”

On top of her many extracurriculars, Morgado has also helped with food waste and hygiene drives, as well as other community service events outside of school through being the Chair of Student United Way. With that connection, she has also been able to bring some projects to the Maclay upper school. 

“Through [Student United Way], every year we have some sort of food waste or hygiene drive,” Morgado said. “With the hygiene drive that we had this year, it was me that organized it through Student United Way. It’s been super cool getting to work on projects like that that I’m interested in and then bringing them to Maclay.”

As the 2021-2022 school year is coming to an end, Morgado has decided to take on an even larger role in the Maclay upper school. After being a long running member of student council, she chose to run for upper school Student Council President for the 2022-2023 school year and won the position. 

“I was Vice President this year, and I had been on the student council since I started at Maclay,” Morgado said. “I thought ‘Oh, why not?,’ and I just loved it. I loved being behind the scenes of what goes on at the school. It helped me really immerse myself in the Maclay experience and feel more part of the school.” 

With her list of achievements continuously growing, there is no doubt that Morgado has a bright future ahead. As she approaches her final year of high school, upper school students will have to wait and see what more opportunities and changes Morgado will bring to the Marauder community.  

“Maria Teresa Morgado is one of the most outstanding students that I have ever taught,” Spanish teacher and MAC sponsor Prudence Sloderbeck said. “She is extremely self-motivated, curious and loves to learn. Her devotion to her academics is consistent with her devotion to clubs and activities. She brings energy and passion to everything that she does.”