The numerous days of counting down for the seniors have finally come to an end. 

As the bright sun glowed off the familiar Maclay faces, students, families and faculty gathered on the Frank Shaw Field at 9:00 a.m. to celebrate the class of 2022 senior graduates. When guests arrived, they were handed a program and cold water to enjoy throughout the warm commencement. 

To open up the ceremony, Head of Upper School Charles Beamer gave some opening thoughts and encouraging words. He then passed the microphone to Head of School James Milford, who emphasized many of the seniors’ achievements and expressed a multitude of thanks to all the supportive families, friends and faculty who helped shape the graduating class into the people they are today. 

“There is no decisiveness in this group,” Beamer said. “They are truly what we try to build here at Maclay. They are truly a family.” 

After both Beamer and Milford spoke, Senior Class President Kate Smith took the stage to present her speech. She reflected on the countless memories the 2022 class made throughout their unconventional high school experience due to Covid-19. She also explained a new tradition where her graduating class made a time capsule and filled it with some of the physical items they cherished throughout their time together. A few of the items included are the senior class t-shirt, the most recent iPhone and a Taylor Swift album. 

“I can’t pick a favorite memory because they were all so good,” Smith said. “Just spending time together and making more memories was a blast.”

After Smith finished, senior valedictorian Collin Roberts gave his own speech where he stressed the importance of living in the present and to not take the special moments for granted. Next, graduating senior Kate Krizner introduced her father and guest speaker, Bill Krizner. In his speech, Krizner highlighted the secret to life and explained that the world is full of two monsters known as insecurity and pride. Krizner emphasized that the secret to overcoming those weapons is through humility. He left the seniors with the words that “the world is and will always be bigger than you.” Finishing off his speech, he offered tools on how to live life and find true joy in the world.  

“I am excited for a really fun senior summer, but also to get started with a new chapter in my life and be able to explore and have new experiences,” senior Maddy LaPine said.

When all the speeches were finished, it was time for each senior to walk across the stage and receive their diploma. Once finished, the seniors moved their tassels from the right to the left and threw their caps into the sky. Milford then closed out the whole ceremony by leading a prayer. Finally, the Maclay seniors walked off the field to Rascal Flatts’ “Life is a Highway” not as high school students, but as alumni.

“Just keep moving forward,” Beamer said. “Don’t ever stop. Keep moving forward and remember the memories.”